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HRC Advisory Committee

The Highway Research Center's Advisory Committee guides strategic plans and center policies and is appointed by the Dean of Engineering. The current Advisory Committee is:

  • Dr. Anton Schindler, HRC Director and Professor, Highway Research Center, Auburn University
  • Dr. Brian Anderson, Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Auburn University
  • Mr. John R. Cooper, Transportation Director, ALDOT
  • Mr. Stan Biddick, State Design Engineer, ALDOT
  • Mr. Tim Colquett, State Bridge Engineer, ALDOT
  • Mr. Scott George, State Materials & Tests Engineer, ALDOT
  • Mrs. Kidada Dixon, State Research and Development Engineer, ALDOT
  • Mr. Mel Monk, Executive Director, Alabama Asphalt Pavement Association
  • Mr. Drew Davis, Mobile Area Vice President, Consulting Engineers Council of Alabama
  • Mr. Justin Hardee, County Engineer-Lee, Association of County Engineers of Alabama
  • Mr. David Crigler, Director of Technical Services, Vulcan Materials Company, Alabama Aggregate Industry
  • Mr. Patrick Dunson, City Engineer-Montgomery, American Public Works Association- Alabama Chapter
  • Mr. Scott Kelley, Manager of Technical Services & Quality Control, Sherman Industries, Alabama Concrete Industries Association
  • Mr. Mike Terrell, Senior Vice President of Operations, Scott Bridge Co., Inc., Alabama Road Builders Association (Bridges)