The purpose of this software package is to provide improved estimates of camber in precast, prestressed concrete bridge girders for all ages prior to final erection. By allowing the user to input girder properties and also select various material models (i.e. overstrength, modulus of elasticity, and creep and shrinkage models). ALCAMBER completes an incremental time-steps analysis solving for girder camber at various ages of interest. Users may incorporate the recommendations of various research investigations aimed at improving camber predictions.


This software was developed as part of a research project titled Improving Camber Predictions for Precast, Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders , conducted by the Auburn University Highway Research Center. Funding for this project was provided by the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT). The funding, cooperation, and assistance of many ALDOT employees are gratefully acknowledged.


Though every effort has been devoted toward its accuracy, the software should not be used in place of local standards of practice and/or design requirements. In no event shall the software developers or anyone distributing the software be liable for any damages or other liability arising from use of the software.


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