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Established in 1985, the original purpose of the Alabama Center for Paper and Bioresource Engineering (AC-PABE) was to facilitate, and conduct programs of research and education for the benefits of the pulp and paper industry. A few years later, in 1988, the Auburn Pulp and Paper Foundation ( APPF) was formed for the purpose of proving advice and support from the industry to Auburn University and AC-PABE.

Financial support in the form of scholarships for highly qualified engineering students was the major focus of foundation funding. AC-PABE and APPF have since worked well together to reach our current position of excellence.

The current goals of AC-PABE are to: 1) continue to provide a highly skilled training program for future engineers; 2) develop a nationally and internationally recognized scholarly R&D program for the realization of the highest possible sustained value from our national’s forest-based biomass, and 3) deliver excellent technical service to the paper industry. Our successes is measured in terms of the amount and quality of our graduates, the contributions of our alumni to the welfare of their companies and the industry, the participation of the industry in our program and the APPF, our research results and the significance of the resulting technologies transferred to the industry.

-Dr. Zhihua Jiang, Directory of AC-PABE


Mission Statement

To provide undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education in science and engineering to meet the needs of the pulp and paper industry and allied biomass-based industries, to conduct fundamental and applied research aligned with the industry’s research agenda, to develop and transfer advanced technology to the industry, and to provide timely technical information to the operating sector of the industry.



  • Discovery and innovation through interdisciplinary and collaborative research
  • A state of the art center for research in pulp and paper which extends the range and quality of
  • AU’s engineering research, reputation, and academic programs
  • To foster a community for international, national, and regional networking and collaborations
  • Long-term university and industry partnerships strengthened by academic research focused on areas of high relevance for industry
  • Center partners privy to the latest research in academia
  • Student research experience to enhance their education and research skills and promote their
    career opportunities



Testing Services Rates

The AC-PABE Service Center is capable of performing lab-scale testing, professional-scale testing, as well as other test on your products. Please visit the Technical Services page for more details.

* Note that the service center tests at not certified by ISE at this time.