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Master of Science - Aerospace Engineering

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Credit Hours

$949 Per Credit Hour

10 to 15

Week Terms

Mid August
Early January
Late May



  • Online students may choose the non-thesis option, except with special permission from the department to complete a thesis. 
  • Complete a minimum of 30 credit hours of graduate (6000 and above)-level course work that must include 18 credit hours of courses such as the following: 
    • AERO 6336 Applied Orbital Mechanics  3 hours
    • AERO 6526 Rocket Propulsion  3 hours
    • AERO 6536 Space Propulsion  3 hours
    • AERO 6626 Dynamic Simulation  3 hours
    • AERO 6636 Aerospace Applications of Composite Materials  4 hours
    • AERO 6756 Legal Aspects of Engineering Practice  3 hours
    • AERO 7106 Advanced Supersonic Aerodynamics  3 hours
    • AERO 7126 Dynamics of Viscous Fluids I  3 hours
    • AERO 7136 Dynamics of Viscous Fluids I  3 hours
    • AERO 7206 Dynamics of Flight  3 hours
    • AERO 7216 Flight Dynamics of Hypervelocity Vehicles  3 hours
    • AERO 7226 Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control  3 hours
    • AERO 7336 Orbit Determination 3 hours
    • AERO 7376 Fundamentals of the Global Positioning System 3 hours
    • AERO 7516 Thrust Generation  3 hours
    • AERO 7526 Advanced Airbreathing Propulsion  3 hours
    • AERO 7536 Aereothermochemistry of Propulsion  3 hours
    • AERO 7626 Aerospace Computational Structural Analysis: Static Structures  3 hours
    • AERO 7636 Aerospace Computational Structural Analysis: Structural Dynamics  3 hours
    • AERO 7666 Aerolasticity  3 hours
    • AERO 7676 Introduction to Large Space Structures  3 hours
    • AERO 7890 Aerospace Engineering Project  3 hours

*View a complete AERO course list and course descriptions. Graduate courses are those listed as level ”6000” and up. Those that are also offered online have a corresponding listing with a course section beginnng in "D" (e.g., AERO 7676 Dxx). The course section will change from term to term. 


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Courses delivered by streaming video
30 online graduate degrees and certificates offered

Why this degree?

The Department of Aerospace Engineering offers both a thesis and non-thesis Master of Science, which provide students an opportunity to sharpen their skills in aerospace system design, development, manufacturing, maintenance, and operation. Those who earn the degree will have a competitive advantage among industry and government employers.

Who is eligible?

  • Those who hold a bachelor's degree in aerospace or mechanical engineering or equivalent from an institute of recognized standing(transcripts required) are eligible.
  • Applicants with degrees in other science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines are encouraged to apply and may be required to complete undergraduate aerospace engineering courses before official admission into the graduate program.
  • An undergraduate GPA of 3.0/4.0, and 3.4-plus is considered more competitive.
  • In general, GRE scores of 160-plus for quantitative reasoning and 150-plus for verbal reasoning are considered competitive.
  • Three letters of recommendation are also required.

What can you expect?

  • Once admitted into Auburn Engineering's graduate program, you will work with the graduate program officer to create a plan of study:

How do I apply?