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Ginning Podcast Log

Layla Araiinejad, the essay-writin', intellectual property pondering', two-time Tim Cook Scholarin' industrial and systems engineering senior who's got MIT on their knees, begging for her — darling, please. 

When it comes to guarding the coast, an Auburn Engineer like Andrew Kauffman is who you'll want the most. 

The National Center for Additive Manufacturing Excellence recently got a little more excellent, thanks to land of opportunity-loving Elham Mirkoohi. So get your ears on and prepare to be schooled in AI and machine learning's new role in process-structure-property relationships and convergence manufacturing and all sorts of other words. You down with PSP? Oh boy is she...

Ready for the best day of your life? Well, former Auburn basketbrawler and 1986 Auburn industrial engineering graduate Gary Godfrey certainly is. Diagnosed with ALS in 2019, the only man Charles Barkley ever feared has spent the past three years preaching positivity with a rare perspective on living life to the fullest. Which is what he's doing every day with the help of his better half, and fellow 1986 Auburn industrial engineering alum, Carol. The latest example? Getting back on a bike in time for the annual Bo Bikes Bama charity event courtesy an Auburn Engineering senior design team that raced to build a custom ride for an Auburn Man who won't be denied.

Brad Christopher, ’91 and ’93 civil engineering, president of LBYD Engineers, may be the newest chair of the Auburn Alumni Engineering Council. But he's always been our chairman of... The Board. 

Listen as we lob softball questions to freshman mechanical engineering super slugger Bri Ellis on the latest episode of the award-winning #GINNing Podcast. 

iRacing.... is it blinking your eyes as fast as you can? A staring contest?

Or virtually revving your engine like the big boys for an endurance test that apparently can literally break your wrists. You're not going to have to hold on for one more day to find out what Austin Wilson and Austin Phillips have to say about it. 

 Auburn chemical engineering doctoral candidate Mohammadjafar Hashemi's  tissue engineering research is helping to further medicine’s understanding of diabetes' often deadly impact on human heart function. As Wilford Brimley would say, it's the right thing to do.