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Ginning Podcast

Ginning Podcast Log

Sarah Mai Broddus believes in the human touch, which cultivates sympathy with her fellow men and mutual helpfulness and brings happiness for all... on the skating rink...

Wake up, listeners, we think Maggie's got somethin' to say to you. It's mid July and she's doing really well in school.

Ujjwal Guin. Ever heard of him? Well, the White House has. His paper “Counterfeit Integrated Circuits: A Rising Threat in the Global Semiconductor Supply Chain” was cited in a June White House report on building resilient supply chains, revitalizing American manufacturing, and fostering broad-based growth. Let's find out why.

Mechanical engineering senior Mit Patel grew up in the c-store industry. Now he's revolutionizing it.

No, she's not a mid-90s cover artist. Alana MacLachlan is a graduate research assistant in materials engineering, doing incredible things in Advanced Nanomaterials Engineering Laboratory.  Sure, she may have one hand in her pocket. But you oughta know that she's wearing a lab coat.

What do Kid Rock, "American Idol" and Auburn Engineering all have in common? You're looking at it. Ladies and gentlemen, Savannah Sawyer. 

From vomiting in zero gravity to calling out former students for indecent exposure to teaching remotely while stuck for months in India, Sushil Bhavnani's Auburn career is the stuff of legend. So how does the Henry M. Burt Jr. Professor of mechanical engineering explain his phenomenal success? "Dumb luck."

Mechanical engineering senior Matt Miller, team captain and electric car engineer for War Eagle Motorsports, is going places. First stop? The finish line.