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Ginning Podcast Log

Austin Phillips meets Austin Phillips. Let the insanity begin.

Travis Walbeck, training manager for the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT), delivers the scoop on Training in Your Pocket, the premiere short, entertaining, instructional YouTube channel for standard asphalt test procedures in the lab and field.

Mechanical engineering professor Rick Williams loves going nuclear on his students. And apparently, according to this year's Auburn Engineering faculty awards, they love it, too.

Let's just say that mechanical engineering graduate and current industrial and systems engineering master's student Taylor Troutman knows how to use her head...

Maury Gaston, '82 mechanical engineering, has worked for the same company for all 38 years of his illustrious career in engineering sales and marketing. You're welcome, American Cast Iron Pipe.

Senior Shelby Wales is the latest recipient of the fabulously prestigious Goldwater Scholarship, which, you know, isn't just awarded to anyone. So, hey — maybe she'll keep going with this whole chemical engineering thing. Seems to have worked out pretty well so far...

Rising up, back on the street. He did his time, took his chances. He went the distance, now he's definitely on his feet... just a man named Steve Hamilton, '84 chemical engineering, and his will to heal eyes.

For Casey Waid, it's all about connecting people back to the college they love.  And who better to hold their hand on the journey home than one of their own.  That's right, the Auburn diploma hanging in the office of this Samuel Ginn College of Engineering development officer reads "chemical engineering."  Of course, you better be careful - ol' Casey's got a grip that might break your hand as he guides you to that promised land.