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From Albuquerque to Auburn, Los Almosin', Lipke Labbin' ChemE commando Nicole Habbit has found the Loveliest Village a hard habit to break.

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Marisa Kelley.  Just graduated materials engineering major. Knows who Madonna is. And Tom Petty. In other words, basically a genius. 

(You're welcome, Florida.)

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With yet another internship locked up at Lockheed, Jersey born aerospace aficionado Ava Grelli is going places — and Boeing places. So buckle up and get your ears on because this rocket retriever overachiever is racing toward space at a breakneck space. 

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Four years ago, Jack Branham was torn.

"While I was going through college selection, I wasn't planning on being an engineer. I wanted to be a music major," said Branham, a graduating senior and researcher in mechanical engineering from Montgomery. "But I had as much passion for engineering as I had for music.  Auburn has a great music program, but it's also a great engineering school. Ultimately, I made the decision to switch to engineering."

Judging by his most recent accolade, it was the right one.

Listen to Branham breakdown his Auburn journey and discuss his ambitious plans for the future on the latest episode of the best podcast in all of higher education. 

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Turner Friday is hitting the road this summer... for two and a half months. The industrial and systems engineering sophomore is raising money for those with disabilities through a cross-country bike ride sure to make memories — and make a difference. And you can help.

Hear him discuss his Auburn Engineering journey — and his upcoming journey from San Francisco to Miami — on the latest episode of the best podcast in higher education below, or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, iHeartRadio or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts by searching #GINNing.

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Mechanical engineering junior and Auburn swimming sensation Mason Mathias can follow that black line like nobody's business. In the pool, in the classroom, the Lad from Leeds is constantly in the lead. We're talking trainin', we're talkin' brainin'... we're talkin' Mason Mathias. 

Listen: Episode 258

Things are really heating up for Thomas Lester. The fourth-generation Auburn Man and sophomore in industrial and systems engineering recently sat down with the #GINNing gang to discuss how his early morning caffeine cravings spawned an entrepreneurial empire in the making. 

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Meet biosystems engineering sophomore Bella Nonales, a dean's list dynamo with a chance of making history as the drummiest major in the history of the Auburn University Marching Band. Not bad for someone who just celebrated her 5th birthday. 

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