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Ginning Podcast Log

What do Kid Rock, "American Idol" and Auburn Engineering all have in common? You're looking at it. Ladies and gentlemen, Savannah Sawyer. 

From vomiting in zero gravity to calling out former students for indecent exposure to teaching remotely while stuck for months in India, Sushil Bhavnani's Auburn career is the stuff of legend. So how does the Henry M. Burt Jr. Professor of mechanical engineering explain his phenomenal success? "Dumb luck."

Mechanical engineering senior Matt Miller, team captain and electric car engineer for War Eagle Motorsports, is going places. First stop? The finish line.

Got a job opening? Emily Schramek wants to fill it. The Auburn senior from Birmingham's Mountain of Oaks has the skills to pay the bills, which is exactly why she chose chemical engineering in the first place. You're welcome, Stanford.

New chemical engineering assistant professor Symone Alexander spins a web of research wonders in this conversation on extreme organismic biophysics and ultra-fast motion in nature. Want s'more Symone? So do we.

Austin Phillips meets Austin Phillips. Let the insanity begin.

Travis Walbeck, training manager for the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT), delivers the scoop on Training in Your Pocket, the premiere short, entertaining, instructional YouTube channel for standard asphalt test procedures in the lab and field.

Mechanical engineering professor Rick Williams loves going nuclear on his students. And apparently, according to this year's Auburn Engineering faculty awards, they love it, too.