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This overachieving junior in chemical engineering, is captain of the Auburn University student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers' Chemical Car and Jeopardy Teams, and a former undergraduate research assistant in the Beckingham Polymer Research Group. Who is Barbara Allen?

From an E-Day visit in high school to flexing his findings on the fashion of the future from his own Wiggins Hall lab, wearable robotics enthusiast Chad Rose has come full circle. Listen to the assistant mechanical engineering professor discuss his Auburn journey — and his pursuit of improving human robot interaction in the rehabilitation realm — on the latest episode of the award-winning #GINNing Podcast.

Electrical engineering? It's a snap. At least it is for senior Jacob Quattlebaum, long snapper extraordinaire for the Auburn Tigers. Want to learn how Q-Ball makes the grade in the classroom and on the gridiron? Hut, hut...

If you've ever thought that whole thing about Auburn providing the best student-centered engineering experience in America was just a slogan, just take a look at industrial and systems engineering senior Jailin Sanders. The busy bee from Bessemer is a walking, talking billboard for the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering. He's taken advantage of pretty much every opportunity and resource the college has to offer. His contributions to student organizations? Legion. His attitude? Infectious. So go ahead and get your ears on and hear for yourself why folks can't stop hailin' that Jailin.

Mechanical engineering doctoral student David Hollinger is doing his darndest to lighten the assistive device load for America's super-human soldiers of the future, turning exoskeletons into less-o-skeletons.

Want to be a patent attorney? Major in materials engineering. That's the advice from 1988 Auburn engineering grad Roger Wylie, who's built one of the most successful intellectual property protection careers from here to Tokyo, which is where you recently could have found the product of one of his clients. Yeah, an Auburn man sealed the patent deal on the Olympic torch. Now that's a legacy you can't extinguish.

When it came time to bring Auburn's world-class transportation research groups under one umbrella, the university had to find the perfect someone to actually hold it — someone strong in the field, who could flex and fund-raise and facilitate the sort of real-world, life-changing innovations state DOTs and industry leaders have come to expect from the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering. All of which is to say, we hope you enjoy learning aboot Larry Rilett.

Jaime Schussler may have mud in her blood, but there ain't nothing sedentary about her sedimentary lifestyle. Through access to the world's largest slip and slide or whatever, the GRA in civil and environmental engineering is taking the stormwater management world by storm, and makin' it rain in more ways than one.