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Ginning Podcast Log

Computer Science, finance, battle bots, volunteerism, picking Auburn over the University of Pennsylvania...  Ladies and gentlemen, Wesley Lowman. 

Diversity,  equity, inclusion, working to perhaps one day repair his own heart with tissue grown from his own heart... it's all in a day's work for chemical engineering grad student Justin Harvell. 

You'll be listening to our interview with NASA Marshall Space Flight Center deputy director, Auburn aerospace engineering alumnus and noted rocket graffiti artist Joseph Pelfrey in 3, 2, 1... 

Kovakas, Grace — she of the Makerspace. Listen to chemical engineering junior and makerspace maestro Grace Kovakas reflect on the rousing resource available on the bottom of the Brown-Kopel Engineering Student Achiement Center, and on navigating "the Big Three," on the latest episode of the award-winning #GINNing Podcast.

If you've struggled to understand the synergistic effects of blending triglycerides and biomass based hydrothermal liquefied biocrude over different catalysts supports in order to produce renewable fuels, then today's your lucky day. 

Listen to biosytems doctoral student Poulami Roy, winner of a Best Presenter Award at the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers' (ASABE) Annual International Conference recently held in Houston, discuss her ground-breaking research on the latest episode of the award-winning #GINNing Podcast.

Building rockets, autonomous vehicles... oh, sure — obviously. But... did you know that Auburn mechanical engineers can also... make it rain? Just ask Auburn point guard Wendell Green who recently called mechanical engineering senior Chandler Leopard "the best shooter I’ve ever played with in my life." Hope you like classical, friends. Because it's time for a little string music. 

You MAYO may not like this episode. But assistant chemical engineering professor Michael Howard is one of the nation's leading collector of colloidal kudos. His latest is from a little outfit called the National Science Foundation. Buckle up.

Smart people like the 1992 movie "Sneakers." So it's no wonder Sam Mulder, new associate research professor in Auburn's Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, can quote it.