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No one engineers like Gaston,
Polymers like Gaston,
Does confidential research work like Gaston,
As a grad student, yes, she's intimidating,
My what a gal, Gaston...

Listen: Episode 270

Cupola Engineering Ambassadors. American Society of Civil Engineers. 100+ Women Strong. Society of Women Engineers. Undergraduate research. Chick-fil-A. 

Rising civil engineering senior Evelyn Chavez does it all. 

Listen: Episode 269

Plucked from the plastic producing province of El Salvador,  Lucila Carias, protege of Auburn polymer pundit Maria Auad, and a bio-resin backing GRA in the Department of Chemical Engineering, is researching ways to 3D print — yep — houses. 

Listen: Episode 268

Meagan Blosser, outgoing president of Auburn University's Top-20 Design, Build, Fly team, doesn't care how you pronounce her name, because this new Auburn aerospace engineering alumna definitely knows how to... go with the flow.

Listen to Blosser describe how she's spreading her wings on the latest episode of the best podcast in higher education.

Listen: Episode 267

Which upcoming bioprocesses engineering senior is grabbing undergraduate research by the horns in order to harness the power of pectin for skincare applications? Which student leader overachiever is ready to make a believer out of Unilever? Yep, it's Jada Neal. She's the real deal.

Listen: Episode 266

The name's Beretta — Stefano Beretta. 

Learn the origin story of this world-class structural integrity scholar who recently joined Auburn's National Center for Additive Manufacturing Excellence to assist on several projects focused on developing defect-sensitive predictive fatigue models for AM materials. Topics discussed include additive manufacturing, salary cuts, salami and James Bond. 

Listen: Episode 265

Great name. Fresh ideas. Yep, enjoy this conversation with biosystems engineering doctoral student Wellington Arthur on long-term nutrient utilization and evaluation of pathogenic bacteria in a pilot-scale wastewater treatment system for hydroponic irrigation — and lettuce. 

Listen: Episode 264

From Albuquerque to Auburn, Los Almosin', Lipke Labbin' ChemE commando Nicole Habbit has found the Loveliest Village a hard habit to break.

Listen: Episode 263

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