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Ginning Podcast

Ginning Podcast Log

Auburn chemical engineering freshman Sarah Kate Sligh has cerebral palsy. And a national swimming record. And a YouTube channel. And a spot on Auburn's wheelchair tennis team. And a bid from Delta Gamma. And the honor of being the latest guest on the best podcast in all of higher education. And better grades than her mom.

While other institutions were feelin' the 2020 pain, Steve Taylor was making it rain. Yessir, the Bluegrass-born, biosystems-bred associate dean of research has helped raise Auburn Engineering's research reputation to the tune of a record $76 million in new contracts and awards... during a pandemic. You wanna achieve? Then you want a Steve. 

Chemical engineering sophomore Anya McDaniel muses over the magic happening inside Auburn Engineering's new makerspace. 

We needed a Cupola Engineering Ambassador superstar. And we got him. Enjoy this conversation with software engineering senior Raj Patel.  

Studying pedals and earning medals — that's what Jeff Lamondia does. The associate professor of civil and environmental engineering knows more the most about the rocky relationship between cyclists and motorists. And trust us when we say that there ain't nothing pedestrian about his research into pedestrians. Ready to share the road?

Helen Lohr is her name, doing more is her game: Naval ROTC, equestrian and mechanical engineering — and those are just the highlights. So anchor down and saddle up as we learn all the lore of Helen Lohr (and what in the world Wawa is). 

Mechanical engineering senior Theresa Hardin tries hard in... everything. Robotic mining. Undergrad research. Building the future of prosthetics. Sorority life. Fund raising. Patent holding! Ladies and gentlemen, sit back and get your ears on for the Theresa Hardin Experience.

Alyssa Malonson has a leg up on the competition in more ways than one. Because, hey, if this whole professional soccer thing doesn't work out, this senior SEC Academic honor roller can always whip out her license to change the world, or as some call it, an Auburn biosystems engineering degree.