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Global Program - Germany or Spain

Want to really stand out from your peers when it comes time to look for a job? Make a huge difference upgrading your resume consulting in Bavaria, Germany or Pamplona, Spain this summer. This program offers a unique opportunity working on a team based project for a European company. Students will get hands-on experience working on a specific project for international companies in Germany or Spain and will work with business students from Auburn’s Harbert College of Business for integrated business/engineering solutions.

Teams will typically include three to five Auburn students though in some cases multiple teams might work for the same client depending on the project and complexity of the problem. This program is appropriate for all engineering majors as teams will be created to include complimentary skill sets needed to complete client projects.

The program will include significant travel and cultural opportunities. No foreign language skills required. English speaking staff will be available as needed for translation and to interface with the clients. Travel will include some of the most famous attractions in the areas.

Potential visits to nearby sites are also possible. Tours and specific details will be provided prior to departing the U.S. and subject to change.

Students select 3-13 credit hours from ELEC 3810, INSY 4610, INSY 3600, INSY 3020, ENGR 3510, ENGR 3970, PHIL 1040, FLGR 1013 (German), and FLSP 1013 (Spanish)

Program fee (same for in- or out-of-state students): $6,950

  • Includes tuition, housing, local transportation, receptions, and city tours
  • Does NOT include airfares, meals, passport and visa if required, optional tours, Auburn abroad fee ($691), or CoE professional fee ($721)

These programs are open to all engineering majors with a 2.25 GPA or above.

Program value given 12 credit hours completed:

  • In-state savings: $862
  • Out-of-state savings: $10,486

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