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Ph.D. Dissertations

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2021

  • Hu, Qiong, Optimization methods incorporating statistical and machine learning models in traffic safety. Current position: instructor, University of Colorado-Denver, Business School.
  • Rasoolian, Behnam,  Automating Interpretation of Images and Visual Inspections in Modern Manufacturing and Medical Settings.
  • Rababah, Mumen  Developing, Evaluating, and Comparing Multiple Parcel Delivery Networks Using Agent-Based Simulation. Current Posistion: Assistant Professor at The Hashemite University.
  • Bandekar, Anjaneya,  Exploring Associations Between Multiple Risk-Factors and Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders, Across Multiple Body Segments in an Automotive Manufacturing Environment.  Current position: Environment, Health and Safety Specialist at Tesla.
  • Jian, Mingho,   Fatigue Properties and Reliability of SnAgCu-Bi Solder Joints in Varying Stress Amplitudes. Current position:   Reliability Engineer at Vicarious.
  • Lusk, Connor,  The Impact of Stability Exercises on Core Muscle Imbalances and Subsequent Low Back Pain. Current position: Postdoctoral Scholar at Medical University of South Carolina.
  • Capanoglu, Muhammet Fehmi,  Measuring the Impact of Resistance Training on Core Muscle Effective Lever Arms and Improving Biomechanical Modeling.

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2020

  • Wang, Xing, On Advances in Deep Learning with Applications in Financial Market Modeling. Current position: software engineer, Splunk.
  • Zhang, Xuanxuan,  Challenges and Opportunities Associated with the Adoption of Wearable Technologies in the Workplace. Current position: Assistant Professor in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering in the Weisberg College of Engineering & Computer Sciences, Marshall University .
  • Karakaya, Erhan,  Container Handling and Layout Optimization in Empty Container Depots. Current position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Purdue University.
  • Abueed, Mohammed,  Effects of Creep and Fatigue on the Reliability of SnAgCu Solder Joints in Thermal Cycling. Current position: Automated Material Handling Systems (AMHS) Engineer, LTD at Intel Corporation in Hillsboro, OR.
  • Aldubaisi, Ali,  Equivalent Age-based Opportunistic Maintenance for Wind Farms.  Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of South Carolina Upstate.
  • Stutts, Isaac,  Human Performance in Cyber-Vulnerable Highly Automated Unmanned Aerial Systems. Current position: Permanent Military Professor at U.S. Naval Academy, Affiliate Faculty member in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Auburn University.
  • Cho, Dongjin,  Optimization of Off-grid Photovoltaic Systems.  Current position: Republic of Korea Army.
  • Reynolds, Rick,  Using Symbolic Data Analysis to Detect Fraud, Waste and Abuse in Healthcare Claims Data. Current position: Director of Advanced Analytics, Health Plan Product, Service and Administration Applied Intelligence Solutions, Kaiser Permanente – National Claims Administration.  

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2019

  • Gunter, Leslie Alan,  Design Improvements for School Bus Emergency Systems. Advisor: Dr. Jerry Davis. Current Position: Senior Engineer, Lockheed Martin, Troy, Ala.
  • Smith, Tianqi Gao,  Impact of Rest and Secondary Intervention on the Development of and Recovery from Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders in Human and Rat Models. Advisor: Dr. Sean Gallagher.  Current position: Senior Health Services Analyst, Mayo Clinic.
  • Gordon, Seth, Correlation Analysis and Visualizations on the Effects of Isothermal Again on Lead-Free Solders Under Thermal Cycling. Advisor: Dr. John Evans. Current Position:  Reliability Research Scientist, Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), Pasadena, Calif.
  • Kalejahi, Nasrin Mohabbati, On Closed-loop Supply Chain and Routing Problems for Hazardous Materials Transportation with Risk-averse Programming, Robust Optimization and Risk Parity Current position: tenure-track assistant professor, Department of Information and Decision Sciences, at California State University, San Bernardino.
  • Smith, Nicholas,  In Vitro Tensile Fatigue of Human Flexor Digitorum Profundus and Superficialis Tendons. Current position: Ergonomist at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, M inn.
  • Teran-Somohano, Alejandro,  Patient-Centric Facility Design for Rehabilitation Hospitals. Current position: Operations Research Analyst at UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Alpharetta, Ga.
  • Chapman, Jarrett,  Using Pre-Deployment Planning for Maintaining Network Connectivity in MANET Models. Current position: Owner and Founder, Yud Hey Systems Modeling and Analytics LLC. NSF Bridge to the Doctorate Fellowship Awardee.  

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2018

  • Khoshkhoo, Ali, Design and Manufacturing of Surface Topography with Additive Manufacturing: Properties and Applications. Advisor: Dr. Andres L. Carrano. Current position: Assistant Professor, Binghamton University.
  • Thirugnanasambandam, Sivasubramanian, Lead-free Doped Solder Joint Reliability under Harsh Temperature Cycling Environment to study the Long Term Isothermal Aging Effects of Heat Sinks, Solder Paste Volume, Board Substrate Material, Component Substrate Material and Component Sizes, Advisor: Dr. John Evans, Current Position: Data Science Manager, Amruta, Inc. Va.
  • Alamdar   Yazdi,   Mohammad   Ali,   A Web-Based Personal Driving Assistant Using Real-Time Data and a Dynamic Programming Model. Advisor: Dr. Fadel M. Megahed.   Current position: Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University.
  • Sedighi Maman, Zahra,   A Data Driven Framework to Predict the Fatigue among Manufacturing Workers Using Wearable Sensors. Advisor: Dr. Fadel M. Megahed.   Current position: Assistant Professor, Adelphi University.
  • Granzow, Robert,  Evaluation of Physical Risk Factors for Musculoskeletal Disorders among Reforestation Workers in the Southeastern United States. Advisor: Dr. Mark Schall.  Current Position: Regional Workplace Health & Safety Manager, Amazon .
  • Badawy, Mohamed,  Evaluating Responses to One-handed Carrying among Older and Obese Individuals. Advisor: Dr. Mark Schall. 
  • Maman, Zahra, A Data Driven Framework to Predict the Fatigue among Manufacturing Workers Using Wearable Sensors. Advisor: Dr. Fadel M. Megahed. Current Position:  Assistant Professor of Business Analytics at Adelphi University,  Garden City, NY .
  • Proano, Gabriel , 3D-printed Custom Substratum for Fast Functional Responses from Microbial Colonization. Advisor: Dr. Andres L. Carrano. Current Position:  Impresión 3D. Ingeniería en Sistemas Biológicos, Ecuador .
  • Huangfu, Rong,  The Development and Evaluation of a Cumulative Exposure Integration Method Based on Fatigue Failure Theory. Advisor: Dr. Sean Gallagher.

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2017

  • Sridhar, Sharath, Accelerated Life-Cycle Testing of Various Lead-Free Solder Alloys by Mechanical Shock and Thermal Cycling Techniques. Advisor: Dr. John Evans. Current Position: Reliability Eng, Axon, Scottsdale, Ariz.
  • Derhami, Shahab, Designing Optimal Layouts for Block Stacking Warehouses. Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Smith.  Current position: Senior Research Scientist, Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • Lynch, Stephanie, Quantification of Ergonomic Risk Factors in Southeastern Logging Operations. Advisor: Dr. Richard Sesek. 
  • Mortaz, Ebrahim, Operational and Investment Solutions to Enhance the Transmission and Distribution Systems of the Electrical Grid. Advisor: Dr. Jorge Valenzuela.  Current position: Assistant Professor, Pace University.
  • Alhwiti, Theyab Atallah H, A Novel Method for Visualizing Keywords in Bibliometrics Science.  Current Position: Operations Industrial Engineer,  United States Postal Service, Greater Boston Area.
  • Ozden, Sabahattin Gokhan, A Computational System to Solve the Warehouse Aisle Design Problem. Advisor: Dr. Alice Smith. Co-advisor: Dr. Kevin Gue, University of Louisville.  Current position: Assistant Professor, Penn State Abington.
  • Pentikis, John, Determination of Safe Guidelines for One-Hand Lifting. Advisor: Dr. Richard Sesek. Current position: Ergonomics Branch Chief, U.S. Army Public Health Center.
  • Salar, Menekse, Validation of MRI-Derived Morphometric Estimations of Biomechanical Inputs to Improve Low Back Pain Risk Assessment. Advisor: Dr. Richard Sesek.  Current position: Research Fellow at National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Cincinnati, OH.
  • Lee, Hung-Yu, Facility layout and emerging advanced material handling optimization.  Advisor: Dr. Chase Murray. Current Position: Network Optimization Architect at Akamai Technologies in Cambridge, Mass .
  • Li, Shaomao, Trading Strategies and Risk Management for Wind Power in the Electricity Market. Advisor: Dr. Chan Park, Current position: Structuring quantitative analyst for Just Energy in Houston.
  • Cao, Li, Evaluation of Evacuation Performance Using Different Locomotive Postures. Advisor: Dr. Jerry Davis. Current position: EH&S Engineer - Ergonomist at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL).
  • Zhao, Cong, Board Level Reliability of Lead-Free Solder Interconnections with Solder Doping Under Harsh Environment. Advisor: Dr. John Evans.  Current position: DFM Engineer. Location is Cupertino, Calif .
  • Weng, Bin, Application of machine learning techniques for stock market prediction. Advisor: Dr. Fadel Megahed.  Current position: Amazon.
  • Garnett, Richard, Revisiting the OSHA Hand Speed Constant. Advisor: Dr. Jerry Davis.  Current position: Lecturer, Auburn University.

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2016

  • Sanders, Thomas, Extreme Environment Reliability of Components for Computing with SAC305 and Alternative High-Reliability Solders. Advisor: Dr. John Evans.  Current position: JPL NASA.
  • Kardel, Kamran, An analytical and experimental study on 3D-printed custom surfaces for benthic algal biofilms. Advisor: Dr. Andres L. Carrano.  Current position: Assistant Professor, Georgia Southern University.
  • Shen, Chaobo, Reliability of Aging in Microstructures for Sn-Ag-Cu Solder Joints with Different Surface Finishes during Thermal Cycling. Advisor: Dr. John Evans. 
  • Ekong, Joseph, Effect of Three Dimensional Substratum Features on Benthic Algal Biomass Productivity. Advisor: Dr. Andres L. Carrano.  Current position: Assistant Professor, Northern Ohio University.
  • Negahban, Ashkan, Application of Simulation and Optimization Approaches in Supply-Constrained Innovation Diffusion. Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Smith.  Current position: Assistant Professor, Penn State Great Valley.
  • Carpenter, LuAnn, Development of Standard Data for Donning and Doffing Personal Protective Equipment. Advisor: Dr. Jerry Davis.  Current position: Director, Student Program Assessment, Auburn University.
  • Dag, Ali, A Data Driven Framework to Identify the Critical Variables, Visualize Their Conditional Relations and Predict the Outcomes of U.S. Heart Transplants. Advisor: Dr. Fadel Megahed.  Current position: Assistant Professor, University of South Dakota.
  • Gore, Patricia, Creating a Mission Architecture Step to Inform the System Engineering Process. Advisor: Dr. John Evans.  Current position: MDA U.S. Government Huntsville.
  • Abulhassan, Yousif, Evaluation of School Bus Emergency Evacuation Systems With Regard to Physical Capabilities of Young Children. Advisor: Dr. Jerry Davis.  Current position: Assistant Professor, Murray State University.
  • Sakinc, Eren, Manufacturing Cost Prediction in the Presence of Categorical and Numeric Design Attributes. Advisor: Dr. Alice Smith.  Current position: Director of Business Strategy and Commercial Operations, Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2015

  • Ku, Chung Lin, Strategic Investment Decisions for Product Development Projects - An Option-Game Approach.
  • Tsai, Yao Te, Towards the Identification of Predictor Variables for Highway Safety
  • Jabarnejad, Masood, Operational and Investment Solutions for Dynamic Line Switching and Rating in Electrical Grid. Advisor: Dr. Jorge Valenzuela. 
  • Ozgormus, Elif, Optimization of Block Layout for Grocery Stores. Advisor: Dr. Alice Smith.  Current position: Lecturer, David D. Reh School of Business, Clarkson University.
  • Bissinger, Nancy, Cyberintrusion Detection in Critical Infrastructure. Advisor: Dr. Jorge Valenzuela.  Current position: Retired.

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2014

  • Al Theeb, Nader A. B.,  An Integrated Logistics System for Effective Resource Distribution in Post-disaster Humanitarian Relief Operations.
  • Hai, Zhou,  Reliability of Lead-free Electronic Package Interconnections under Harsh Environment.  Advisor: Dr. John Evans.  Current position: Senior Reliability Engineer, Nvidia, Santa Clara, Calif.
  • Kang, Wonseok,  The Asymmetric Game Strategies Utilizing R&D Incentives under Uncertain Patent Race and Non-infringing Imitation.
  • Mousavian, Seyedamirabbas,  Optimization Models for Advanced Cyber-security in the Smart Grid.  Advisor: Dr. Jorge Valenzuela.  Current position: Assistant Professor, Clarkson University.
  • Park, Seungbae,  An evaluation Fraework and Decision-Making Model for Defense Acquisition Projects-Real Options and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA).
  • Perr, Christopher W.,  Improving Usable Security and System Safety.  Advisor: Dr. Jerry Davis.  Current position: Computer Security Researcher, Sandia National Lab.
  • Uludag, Onur,   GridPick A High Density Puzzle Based Order Picking System with Decentralized Control

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2013

  • Ceven, Erdem,  Wave Release Strategies for Order Fulfillment Systems with Deadlines.
  • Gungor, Celal,  Prediction of the Erector Spinae Muscle Lever Arm Distance for Biomechanical Models Advisor: Dr. Richard Sesek. Current position: Assistant Professor, Izmir Katip Celebi University, Izmir, Turkey.
  • Helvaci, Dilcu,  Generating Renewal Functions of Uniform, Gamma, Normal and Weibull Distributions for Minimal and Non Negligible Repair by Using Convolutions and Approximation Methods .
  • Kabadurmus, Ozgur,  Design of Resilient Heterogeneous Wireless Networks. Advisor: Dr. Alice Smith.  Current position: Associate Professor at Yasar University, Lecturer at Clemson University, Deptartment of Industrial Engineering.
  • Moyo, Yamkelani,  Developing a Multidisciplinary Best Practice Manufacturing Education.  Advisor: Dr. John Evans.  Current position: Continental Motors.
  • Ogutu, Jack Odunga,  Modeling Human Perception of Postural StressAdvisor: Dr. Richard Sesek. Current position: Associate. Prof. & OSEH Prog. Coordinator Dept. of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology at Millersville University .
  • Özgür, Özmen,  Exploring the Impact of Socio-Technical Communication Styles on the Robustness and Innovation Potential of Global Participatory Science.
  • Vijayakumar,  The Effects of Thermal Aging on the Mechanical Behavior of Fine Pitch Electronics Packages Advisor: Dr. John Evans.  Current position: Johnson Control.
  • Ruoliang “Rio” Tang, Morphometric Analysis of the Human Lower Lumbar Intervertebral Discs and Vertebral Endplates: Experimental Approach and Regression Models, Advisor: Dr. Richard Sesek, Current Position: Postdoc, Department of Occupational Science and Technology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2012

  • Adams, Lamar D.,  Development of an Analytical Process to Measure Teacher Effectiveness Based on Student Growth to Augment an Educator Evaluation System.
  • Barnes, Jeremy Lamar,  Test Planning and Validation through an Optimized Kriging Interpolation Process in a Sequential Sampling Adaptive Computer Learning Environment.
  • Zhang, Jiawei,  The Effects of Aging on the Reliability of Lead Free Fine-Pitch Electronics Packaging Advisor: Dr. John Evans.  Current position: Qualcomm.

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2011

  • Ballard, Kandace N.,   Emergency Management Strategies for the Retail Industry Advisor: Dr. John Evans.  Current position: Qualcomm.
  • Bell, Richard C.,  A Distribution-Free Control Chart for Retrospective Location Analysis of Subgrouped Multivariate Data.
  • Ozturkoglu, Omer,   New Warehouse Designs Angled Aisles and Their Effects on Travel Distance.
  • Pitiruek, Komkrit,   An Operating Model and Economic Analysis for Integrating Wind Electric Power in Manufacturing Advisor: Dr. Jorge Valenzuela.

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2010

  • Boelhouwer, Eric,  GHS in the USA Effects of Pictograms, Signal Words, and Performance Based Qualifiers on Hazard Communication . Advisor: Dr. Jerry Davis.  Current position: Dorris and Associates Inc.
  • Lee, Hwainsik,   Decision Models for a Two-Stage Supply Chain Planning under Uncertainty with Time-Sensitive Shortages and Real Option Approach .
  • Li, Zhaozhi,  A Novel Three Dimensional Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging Technology-Manufacturing Process Development and Reliability Characterizations Advisor: Dr. John Evans.  Current position: INTEL.
  • Liu, Wei,   Activated Carbon Fiber Filter Media for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell.
  • Peters, Kim Y.,   A Markov Chain Dynamic Social Network Modeling and Simulation to Assess the Impact of out-of-School Suspensions on Dropouts and Truancy Advisor: Dr. Jorge Valenzuela.
  • Watts, Bobbie Jo,   The Effect of Varying Work Order Sequences on Physiological Responses in Combined Manual Material Handling Advisor: Dr. Jerry Davis.  Current position: Zone Manager of Ergonomic, Michelin North America .

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2009

  • Cho, Younchol,   Optimizing Military Tactical MANETs Efficiently Using PSO. Advisor: Dr. Alice Smith and Dr. Jeffrey Smith.  Current position:  Career Officer, South Korean Navy .
  • Gray, Michael David,   Data Mining Medication Administration Incident Data to Identify Opportunities for Improving Patient Safety.
  • Kandaswaamy, Sakthivael,   Thermal Field Mapping Technique for Friction Stir Process.
  • Kim, Byung Soo,   Dynamic Slotting and Cartonization Problem in Zone-Based Carton Picking Systems.
  • Kim, Hyun Ho,   Modeling Service Performance and Dynamic Worker Allocation Policies for Order Fulfillment Systems.
  • Liu, Heping,   Taylor Kriging Metamodeling for Simulation Interpolation, Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization.
  • Piper, Adam Kelly,   Participatory Design of Warning Symbols Using Distributed Interactive Evolutionary Computation. A dvisor: Dr. Jerry Davis.  Current position: Associate Professor, South Dakota School of Mines.
  • Sarpkaya, Gokhan,   A Floor Space Valuation Method for Automotive Electronics Manufacturing. Advisor: Dr. John Evans.
  • Siriruk, Pavee,   Cournot Competition under Uncertainty in Power Markets. Advisor: Dr. Jorge Valenzuela.
  • Ustun, Volkan,   Human Behavior Representation in Physical Security Systems Simulation.

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2008

  • Balci, Huseyin Hakan,   Valuation of Power Generation Investments in Deregulated Capacity Markets. Advisor: Dr. Jorge Valenzuela.
  • Huang, Ching- ying,   Comparing the Overlapping of Two Independent Confidence Intervals with a Single Confidence Interval for Two Normal Population Parameters.
  • Maddela, Madhurima,   Design of MEMS-Based Tunable Antennas, Organic Transistors and MEMS-Based Organic Control Circuits.
  • Muhdi, Rani,  The Development and Representation of Occupant Performance in Building Evacuation Modeling. A dvisor: Dr. Jerry Davis. 
  • Taskin, Selda,   Supply Chain Planning for Hurricane Response with Information Updates.
  • Yapicioglu, Haluk,   Retail Spatial Design with a Racetrack Aisle Network Considering Revenue and Adjacencies. Advisor: Alice Smith.  Current position: Associate Professor, Eskisehir Technical University, Eskisehir, Turkey.
  • Yucekaya, Ahmet D.,   Electric Power Bidding Models for Competitive Markets. Advisor: Dr. Jorge Valenzuela.
  • Zhang, Duoxing,   Real Options Evaluation of Financial Investment in Flexible Manufacturing Systems in the Automotive Industry Advisor: Dr. John Evans.  Current position: EXXON Mobile.

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2007

  • Dengiz, Orhan,   Maximizing Connectivity and Performance in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Mobile Agents . Advisor: Alice Smith.  Current position: Founder and President, DVM Technologies, Ankara, Turkey.
  • Han, Hyun Jin,   Estimating Project Volatility and Developing Decision Support System in Real Options Analysis.
  • Holman, Grady Talley,  Patient Handling Restrictions & Conditions.
  • Kaymaz, Pinar,   Electric Power Generation Expansion in Deregulated Markets. Advisor: Dr. Jorge Valenzuela.

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2006

  • Godbey, Jessie Franklin,   The Effects of Behavior-Based Safety Techniques on Behavior Variation, Targeted and Non-Targeted Safe Behaviors, and Productivity and Quality in Manufacturing Facilities. Advisor: Dr. Robert Thomas.  Current position: Associate Professor, Jacksonville State University.
  • Jordan, Victoria Spooner,  The Optimum Upper Screening Limit and Optimum Mean Fill Level to Maximize Expected Net Profit in the Canning Problem for Finite Continuous Distributions.
  • Sozer, Sevin,   Transmission Expansion Planning to Alleviate Congestion in Deregulated Power Markets.
  • Yang, Yanchun,   Knapsack Problems with Setup.

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2005

  • Abuelenin, Sherif Mohamed,   Developing a Magnetically Suspended Disc System for Industrial Applications, with Application on Ring Spinning.
  • Hwang, Inkew, “The Use of Real and Financial Options in Long-Term International Weapon Transaction Contracts.”