Parents of Auburn Engineering student make first gift in support of RE-INVENT

Published: Apr 10, 2020 3:33 PM

By Lauren Winton

Connor Taylor is a senior in computer engineering. His parents, Glenn and Sheila Taylor, have taken the lead and made the first philanthropic gift to the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering in support of the RE-INVENT project. The couple first reached out to the college’s Office of Development in early April, after reading about the initiative in one of the university’s online publications.

“When we heard what the Auburn team was doing to inventively re-purpose CPAP technology, it resonated with us,” Glenn said. “It felt similar to a MacGyver-like approach to getting an effective and quick solution. We loved that the team would act fast, and get something into the field, at EAMC, in weeks rather than years.”

Their generosity will directly support the project, and help provide funds throughout the project’s evolution.

“One thing that we found really interesting about this CPAP to ventilator research was the inventiveness of the team,” Glenn said. “The Auburn team working on the project seem to have the ability to quickly pivot to meet whatever need is greatest.”

The Taylors also mentioned how impressed they were with the college’s rapid response in printing 3D masks and supplying other personal protective equipment to local hospitals. They have been taking time to think through ways to make a difference. And from the beginning of the pandemic, the couple has been trying to find the silver linings of this crisis.

Sheila, who works in IT for the state government, recently transitioned to work from home. Glenn retired in January. With the additional time they have at home in Montgomery, Alabama, they have focused their efforts on providing for the individuals on the front lines of the pandemic. The couple has been creating goodie bags, which Sheila and volunteers decorate, for hospitals in their area. They are working with the hospital systems to provide meals to ICU and emergency room floor staff members.

“We have spent a lot of time thinking about how we could do something meaningful in this time of need,” Sheila said. “We see many people doing amazing things. The true heroes in this battle are the nurses, doctors and healthcare staff on the front lines. The truck drivers who are keeping the country running. The restaurants and grocery stores that make sure our basic needs are met. The delivery people who keep us safe with contactless delivery. These are the heroes in this ‘war.’”

And when they learned about Auburn Engineering’s efforts to fight COVID-19, they knew they wanted to join and help.

“We look forward to seeing how the team tackles the evolving coronavirus problem,” Glenn said.

To learn more about RE-INVENT and how to support the program, visit:

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Glenn, Sheila and Connor Taylor

Glenn, Sheila and Connor Taylor

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