Former Grad Students

Ravindra Shrestha-M.S. Biosystems Engineering, Spring 2014
Thesis Title:  "Experimental analysis and modeling of biomass gasification using a downdraft gasifier"
Nourredine Abdoulmoumine-Ph.D. Biosystems Engineering, Spring 2014
Dissertation Title: "Fate and remediation of pine gasification syngas contaminants"
 Shyamsundar Ayalur Chattanathan, Ph.D. Biosystems Engineering, Spring 2014
 Dissertation Title: Hydrogen production from different renewable sources
Vaishnavi Srinivasan, M.S. Biosystems Engineering, Spring 2013
Thesis Title: Catalytic pyrolysis of pre-treated biomass for hydrocarbon yeilds.
Chad Carter, M.S. Biosystems Engineering, Spring 2012
Thesis Title: Physicochemical properties and thermal decomposition of torrefied woody biomass and energy crop.
Suchithra Gopakumar, Ph.D Chemical Engineering, Spring 2012
Dissertation Title: Bio-oil production through fast pyrolysis and upgrading to "green" transportation fuels.
Gopal Gautam, M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Summer, 2010
Thesis Title: Parametric study of a commercial-scale biomass downdraft gasifier: experiments and equilibrium modeling.
Harideepan Ravindran, M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Spring 2011
Thesis Title: Production of high pH value and stable bio-oil from woody biomass and poultry litter.
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