Outstanding Departmental Alumni Awards

This award honors alumni who have distinguished themselves through outstanding personal qualities, knowledge, and significant contributions to their fields.

All awardees are individuals whose outstanding careers and actions have represented the College of Engineering in a positive and exemplary manner while providing important contributions to their respective fields of expertise.

Previous Winners


Aerospace Engineering- Samantha A. Magill
Biosystems Engineering - Marc Ivey
Chemical Engineering - Hudson Pope
Civil Engineering - David Stejskal
Computer Science and Software Engineering - Peter Baljet
Electrical and Computer Engineering - Brad Cothran
Industrial and Systems Engineering - Beth Monroe
Materials Engineering - Robert Carter
Mechanical Engineering - Martin Stap
Polymer and Fiber Engineering - Erica Walsh


Aerospace Engineering- John Junkins
Biosystems Engineering - John Bolte
Chemical Engineering - Keith Jones
Civil Engineering - Angela Fannéy
Computer Science and Software Engineering - Sean Cook
Electrical and Computer Engineering - Gizman Abbas
Industrial and Systems Engineering - Margaret Haack
Materials Engineering - Carolyn Russell
Mechanical Engineering - Veronica Sherard
Polymer and Fiber Engineering - Rochelle Cook


Aerospace Engineering- Walter Rutledge
Biosystems Engineering - Gregory Nichols
Chemical Engineering - Beverly Banister
Civil Engineering - Christopher Kramer
Computer Science and Software Engineering - Idongesit Mkpong-Ruffin
Electrical and Computer Engineering - Amy Dobbs
Industrial and Systems Engineering - Nancy Bissinger
Materials Engineering - David Edwards
Mechanical Engineering - J.D. McFarlan
Polymer and Fiber Engineering - Amy Goddard


Aerospace Engineering- Ken Mattingly
Biosystems Engineering - John Rogers
Chemical Engineering - Cari Parker
Civil Engineering - Guy E. O’Connor
Computer Science and Software Engineering - Denise Raper
Electrical and Computer Engineering - J. David Irwin
Industrial and Systems Engineering - Deborah D. Flint
Materials Engineering - C. Dan Kohlhaas
Mechanical Engineering - Daniel Butts
Polymer and Fiber Engineering - Daniel Murphree