Dr. Jacques Virasak, R1202

A Journey of Aerospace Engineering Career - from Student Design Competition and Beyond
October 6, 2023 Seminar


The seminar presentation aims to testify and share with Auburn University students and faculty members the importance of undergraduate and graduate education to influence and lead professional engineers to excel in their vocational careers in aviation. In addition, it will share the pressing need for specific skills and talents in the American aerospace industry to develop affordable aircraft with reduced development cycle time.


Dr. Jacques Virasak

He is a multidisciplinary aerospace engineer trained in aerospace engineering (AE) and has worked in the aerospace industry for 27 years. He received his BS in AE from Mississippi State University, MS in AE from Georgia Tech, and MS in Engineering Science from RPI. He completed his Ph.D. in AE at Georgia Tech. He works at the Boeing company, as an engineering consultant in military aircraft airworthiness to achieve Military Type Certification (MTC) for FI5QA and USAF T-7A Advance Pilot Trainer (APT) at Saint Louis. MO. He is the founder and Chief engineer of his engineering consulting company, R1202, LLC. Throughout his career, Jacques designed and developed critical aerospace components that are in service in domestic and international helicopters. He was the Vertical Flight Society (YFS) Chair of the History Commillee. He has published four helicopter technology history papers and two books.