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The 2021 AE Day took place virtually on Friday, April 9, 2021 over zoom. 

The purpose of this event is to initiate and nurture a regular dialog between Auburn University Aerospace Engineering Faculty and Government/Industry Representatives around the country. This is an annual event where attendees will not only learn about the cutting edge research taking place at Auburn University, but also have the opportunity to provide constructive feedback to help guide the future direction of the department.

The attendees of AE Day are engineers, scientists, managers, alumni, and anyone with a technical interest in Auburn University Aerospace Engineering.  

All sessions were recorded and are posted below.


Timeline for AE Day 2021

Time Event
8:30 – 9:00 AM

Overview of Department of Aerospace Engineering

Dr. Brian Thurow

9:00 – 10:00 AM

Flight Mechanics, Controls, and Design - Space 

  • STAR lab's participation in ongoing space exploration missionsDr. Toshi Hirabayashi
  • Adversarial Threats to Proliferated Satellite Constellations, Dr. Davide Guzzetti
  • ACE lab project on orbital maneuvers/collaboration with AFOSR, Dr. Eshan Taheri
10:20 – 11:00 AM

Flight Mechanics, Controls, and Design – Air

  • Vehicle Systems, Dynamics, and Design Lab - Research Activity Overview, Dr. Imon Chakraborty
  • Networked Flight Simulation and Control - Laboratory Vision, Dr. Umberto Saetti
11:00 AM – Noon

Structures and Materials

  • Effects of Defects on Sustainability of Composite Structure, Dr. Suhasini Gururaja
  • Smart Materials for Adaptive Aerospace Structures, Dr. Russell Mailen
  • Mechanics of Materials Laboratory - mechanics, design and machine learningDr. Vinamra Agrawal
1:00 - 2:00 PM


2:20 - 3:40 PM

Fluid Dynamics and Aerodynamics

  • On the Cyclone Chamber Flows, Dr. Anwar Ahmed
  • Applied Fluids Research GroupDr. Vrishank Raghav
  • High-fidelity computational methods/solvers for practical turbulent flow simulations, Dr. Nek Sharan
  • Novel Image-Based Diagnostics for High-Speed Wind Tunnels, Dr. Brian Thurow
3:40 Adjourn

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