What we do

Our creative team works with all engineering administration offices, departments and institutes to provide a variety of print marketing collateral such as flyers, brochures, posters, publications and direct-mail; digital collateral, including advertising, project or campaign logos and graphics; apparel and promotional graphic design; and publications including impact reports, proposals, the Auburn Engineer magazine and the annual engineering Dean's Report.


Our in-house printing service offers opportunities for short-run printing to all engineering departments and offices for marketing collateral that is designed by creative services or the department. In-house printing DOES NOT require OCM brand approval for printing but engineering creatives services will review provided artwork to ensure that university guidelines are met. 

We offer the following in-house options for postcards, flyers, posters, etc.

  • In-house short-run printing – up to 4,000 copies
  • In-house printing sizes – up to 11x17 (excluding 8.5x14 legal)
  • In-house paper thickness – up to 65lb. cardstock


All quantities over 4,000 OR large/wide format printing (posters, yard signs, banners, mounting) are outsourced for production with approved print vendors. All outsourced print projects must have the following for invoice payment:

  • Engineering creative review
  • AU brand review - OCM official print approval
  • Three AU registered vendor quotes

If engineering Creative Services creates the artwork for a project, we will request AU Brand Review print approval and vendor quotes and follow the project to completion.

If departments create artwork for a project, you will request brand approval and quotes and follow the project to completion. We can discuss and provide a print specifications sheet for your project to include with your artwork to request quotes from registered print vendors.

AU Brand Review


AU Preferred Print Vendors (Scroll to the Printing Program Link)

Large/Wide Format Printing (Poster) - On Campus


Creative Services offers support to all engineering administration offices, departments, institutes and centers. We want to create the most efficient process to ensure that your promotional products or event apparel arrive when you need it. Our design team will create or provide the neccesary artwork for your project. After department approval of artwork, departments will be responsible for submitting artwork for Trademarks and Licensing approval, vendor quotes and all vendor communications (proofs, invoices, etc.). 

This process will empower your department to manage the project using the same university and engineering guidelines. This will create a better ordering workflow for departments to minimize project time from start to finish. 

Plan ahead. Supply chain is getting better but still not the same as in the past. Departments will follow the steps below:

  1. What promotional or apparel product? Search the sites we use for a particular product (you will not order from these sites). Note: All apparel orders must be pre-approved by the AU Procurement Business Office (PBS) by downloading and submitting the Apparel Allowability Form before placing any orders.
    1. Allowability Forms https://eng.auburn.edu/spirit/employees/index
    2. Promotional - HIT Promo www.hitpromo.net
      1. Note any promtional site can be used, however HIT Promo is a common site
    3. Apparel - SANMAR www.sanmar.com
  2. Get PBS apparel pre-approval Send Apparel Allowability Form to PBS staff contacts noted on form. Save in your files.
  3. Artwork: We will create the artwork or provide the department logo that you need based on the imprint area of the product or apparel item. We will also provide a specifications sheet that you will upload to Trademarks and Licensing for approval.
  4. Get Trademarks and Licensing Approval - T&L (Required): Allow 3 days for response and they will send you a project APPROVAL and REFERENCE NUMBER. Save in your files. 
  5. Vendor Quotes: Using the T&L Reference Number email and the provided UNIQUE LINK for quotes - Fill out form and select at least 3 vendors (for products requiring 3 quotes), upload artwork and/or specifications sheet. Those vendors will contact you with questions or send you a quote. Allow 3 days for vendor quotes.
  6. Vendor Selection: Select your vendor after receiving and reviewing all quotes. For best practices, be sure to inform the non-awarded vendors that did not receive the project. This helps with relations because you may request quotes for future projects. You should receive and review a vendor proof of artwork and product. Approve if there are no issues. Save the proof in your files.
  7. Receive invoice from vendor: Collect the PBS Approval, T&L Reference Number Approval, all quotes and invoice and submit for payment.

What you can do

PLAN AHEAD. Before we take on a new project, we ask that you identify your needs for the project by answering a design brief.

  • Who – Who is your target audience?
  • What – What type of creative media do you need? Print or digital?
  • Why – Why is the project required and its purpose?
  • Where – Where will this be distributed or displayed?
  • When – When is your deadline?

All content should be finalized before design process starts.

This will help us determine the best approach to your job, based on the audience(s) and communications goals.

CONNECT. Contact your department liaison and graphic designer to discuss/complete the design brief (media type – print vs. digital, target audience, messaging, timeline, etc.) to focus your needs. Department liaisons will review any content to make sure that it represents the brand and voice that needs to be conveyed, while adhering to AP style writing (official writing style for Auburn University).

Engineering Creative Services Staff

Danny} Doyle}

Danny Doyle

Manager Creative Services

Office of Communications and Marketing
1202 Shelby Center
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Greg Key

Graphic Designer

Office of Communications and Marketing
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