Direct Charge Guidelines

All apparel that is direct charged to University Funds in the Spirit Store must have prior approval from Procurement and Business Service (PBS) and be accompanied by the appropriate documentation. Follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the Apparel Allowability Form
  2. Email the completed Apparel Allowability Form to PBS to obtain approval
    1. Ginny Yarbrough ( or
    2. Jeff Wooley (
  3. Submit the Apparel Allowability Form and PBS approval with your order request to the Spirit Store

Employee de minimis Apparel : Departments may provide no more than two articles of clothing in a calendar year and the aggregate value of the clothing cannot exceed $100.  Employee should seek approval from supervisor prior to purchase.

  1. Select Business Styles (starting Jan. 2023) – All departments and offices may order apparel from select business styles in the first month of each semester as a bulk order with supervisor approval. Sizing samples will be available.
  2. Tracking – The Spirit Store will keep a spreadsheet of employees and the amount of apparel charged on their behalf.
  3. Billing Documentation – The Apparel allowability Form, pre-approval, appropriate quotes, and invoice will be collected by the Spirit Store and submitted to Engineering Administration to process direct charges on a monthly basis to provided FOPs.

Student Organization Apparel/Awards :

  1. Student Organizations purchasing Apparel:
    1. If a Student Organization purchases apparel or places a custom order with external funds (e.g. cash or a bankcard not associated with AU) there are no restrictions. Tax is to be applied unless the organization can show tax exempt status.
    2. Student Organizations direct charging apparel to university funds must fill out the appropriate allowability form and seek prior approval from PBS. It is expected that items purchased for student organizations will be promotional in nature and adhere to the AU promotional item policy.
    3. Memorabilia/Apparel as awards : Awards to students are allowable provided there was a documented competitive process.
      1. Please contact Engineering Business Office for more details on competitive awards

Non-Apparel Items (Other Promotional Items)

Per AU Policy: “Gifts of memorabilia…to non-AU individuals are allowed if it is determined that these expenditures are in the best interest of the University and promote the purposes of the University (A.G. Opinion 2015-004) …Gifts to employees are generally unallowable as this would be considered taxable compensation and reportable on Form W-2.” (AU Spending Policy P.33). Memorabilia includes token items that must be inscribed or imprinted with words and/or pictures identify the University.

****Note: Gifts purchased for AU Students on state funds are not appropriate.

In the event that a promotional item is to be gifted to a Non-AU Employee, the purchaser must complete the Memorabilia Allowability form prior to purchase.  This form is to be included as additional backup in the collection report. 


All direct charges must be accompanied by appropriate allowability form.

Engineering Administration will process direct charges on a monthly basis to provided FOPs.