The college maintains multiple terabytes of online disk storage for applications and 10,000 home directories. There are eight computer labs that are available for all Engineering students, staff and faculty. These labs are open 24 hours, 7 days a week while classes are in session with slightly more restricted hours during breaks. There are 20 departmental labs of 12 to 50 workstations which are available for students within the department. All servers and labs are managed by Engineering Network Services.

Select the lab on the left to find out its schedule, configuration or to report a problem.

On home football weekends the engineering computer labs will be closed from midnight Friday through noon Sunday.

Changes during Covid-19

If you are an Engineering Student looking for e-learning and working in remote computer lab please use:

Remote to lab computer 

The below service is available to Engineering faculty and staff only.

Click here for the Engineering Remote Desktop Portal