Off campus users can use a variety of programs to create a very effective home office environment. You can access your network files, check email and even use many applications from home.

If you are an Engineering Student looking for e-learning and working in remote computer lab please use:

Remote to lab computer 

The below service is available to Engineering faculty and staff only.

Click here for the Engineering Remote Desktop Portal

Note: Lab PCs are not accessible from off campus (except during covid-19). Some software packages are available for use off campus. You may go to the download page to see which products are available.

Linux computers and all Linux software is available from any remote location (a high speed connection required for some things).

Using Secure Copy (SCP), users can download/upload files to their Engineering accounts. (SCP server is

Secure Copy (SCP)

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) has been limited to anonymous access only. This means that files in a user's public FTP directory can be accessed via FTP. Also, off-campus, non-Auburn users may upload files to the College of Engineering FTP server. Users may not access their home directories via FTP.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)


There are a number of free programs available for PCs, Macs and Linux that can make your home office very productive. Many can be downloaded. Many more are available from Engineering Network Services or from OIT (Central Campus Computing for Auburn University). Refer to the Software Database for information about Software packages. Many programs are not available for home installation.

Licensed Software

Many programs are not available for home installation. One common problem has been that some programs need to contact a license server to check out a license. The Engineering License Servers are well-fortified machines and cannot be accessed in any way from off campus or even outside of the Engineering network. One workaround for this is to use an SSH program to tunnel the license server traffic through a secure connection to the Engineering network. Confused? Here's a How To for PC users which would even work over a slow (dialup) connection.

VPN - Secure Connection

A program called the Cisco VPN Client provides more secure and more extensive access to on campus services when you are off campus (or connected to the campus wireless network). Many computing services on campus are well protected from off-campus attacks - but this means the good guys can't get in either. The VPN Client lets you open up a secure channel back to campus (using your Auburn username and password). Some software that you use from home (or from the campus wireless network) requires that you establish a VPN connection to campus. It's extremely easy to use and very secure.

Linux Software

"Does anyone still use the Unix Workstations?" Yes! But many who do never sit in front of one. Some advantages of the Engineering Unix network:

  • Computers can be accessed remotely - on or off campus.
  • All available software packages are available from anywhere. You don't have to install them and they are all licensed to run on any Engineering Linux workstation.
  • There is a huge collection of software available and many software packages. These programs are primarily engineering, computational and programming, but you can see the complete listing in the Engineering Software Database

Many of the programs available in Engineering are available in Mac and Linux versions. The Linux platforms will continue to allow our users to remotely access software for their coursework and research. Find out how to use the Linux workstations.