Test Track Conference


Held every three years, the Test Track Conference is a forum to present research findings from the previous cycle of accelerated pavement testing. During the two and a half day program, participants learn about advancements in asphalt pavement design, construction, technologies, and maintenance that are more cost effective and improve performance. The conference also provides a valuable networking opportunity and sets the stage for further cooperation among federal, state, and local agencies as well as the private sector.

Our last conference was held March 27-29, 2018 at The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center in Auburn, Alabama. Presentation slides are provided at the links below.

Tuesday, March 27
Welcome John Mason, Auburn University
Keynote Kevin Hall, University of Arkansas
Research Sponsor Testimonial (Tennessee) Heather Hall, Tennessee DOT
Research Sponsor Testimonial (Florida) Howie Moseley, Florida DOT
Test Track Overview Buzz Powell, NCAT
Kentucky Longitudinal Joint / Mix Design (S7) Carolina Rodezno, NCAT
Georgia Interlayer Study for Reflective Crack Prevention (N12, N13) Don Watson, NCAT
Florida Cracking Study (E7, E8) Fabricio Leiva, NCAT
Cracking Group Experiment Part 1 (N1, N2, N5, N8, S5, S6, S13) Randy West, NCAT
Virginia CCPR and Stabilized Base Experiment (N3, N4, S12) Dave Timm, Auburn University / NCAT
VDOT Implementation Brian Diefenderfer, Virginia DOT

Wednesday, March 28
Research Sponsor Testimonial (Oklahoma) Kenny Seward, Oklahoma DOT
Research Sponsor Testimonial (Wisconsin) Steve Hefel, Wisconsin DOT
Pavement Preservation Overview Adriana Vargas, NCAT
Research Sponsor Testimonial (South Carolina) Chad Hawkins, South Carolina DOT
Research Sponsor Testimonial (Illinois) John Senger, Illinois DOT
Pavement Preservation Construction (S2, S9, S10, S11, N6, N10, N11, U.S. 280, L.R. 159, 
Minnesota Sections) Buzz Powell and Jason Nelson, NCAT
Pavement Preservation Performance (NCAT Sections) Adriana Vargas, NCAT
Pavement Preservation Performance (Minnesota Sections) Jerry Geib, Minnesota DOT
Tennessee Thinlay (S4) Mike Heitzman, NCAT
Mississippi Thinlay (S3) Buzz Powell, NCAT
Oklahoma OGFC (N9), FHWA Friction (W3, W7, W8) Mike Heitzman, NCAT

Thursday, March 29
Cracking Group Experiment Part 2 (N1, N2, N5, N8, S5, S6, S13) Adam Taylor, NCAT
Minnesota Cracking Results Dave Van Deusen, Minnesota DOT
Collaborative Aggregates Delta S Rejuvenator Study (N7) Nam Tran, NCAT
Alabama OGFC (E9, E10) Buzz Powell, NCAT
2018 NCAT Track Research Randy West, NCAT
2018 MnROAD Research Ben Worel, Minnesota DOT

North Conference Ben Worel, Minnesota DOT
Closing Randy West, NCAT