Our research findings are used to improve materials, tests, specifications, and design policies in many ways. Our research center and test track make us one of the world’s leading institutions for asphalt pavement research and an important source of information for those tasked with maintaining our nation’s infrastructure.

Over the past 25 years, NCAT researchers have:

  • - advanced aggregate testing methods
  • - developed mix design procedures for stone matrix asphalt
  • - evaluated modified asphalt mixtures
  • - improved mix design and test procedures to minimize rutting
  • - developed a perpetual pavement design method
  • - recommended revisions to AASHTO standards mixes containing high RAP contents
  • - prepared guidelines for management of RAP and RAS
  • - provided guidelines on life-cycle cost analysis for pavement type selection, and
  • - developed the ignition method to measure asphalt content without solvents.

Current project sponsors include the National Cooperative Highway Research Program, numerous individual state departments of transportation, the Federal Highway Administration, various corporations, and the NAPA Research and Education Foundation. NCAT’s annual budget is typically about $5 million.