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College of Engineering / Program / Master of Engineering Management

Why this degree?

The Master of Engineering Management degree is a non-thesis program that allows those who are currently working in an engineering-related field to expand their career potential and earn a degree that will pay dividends  towards their future. The degree appeals to individuals working in a wide variety of industries and offers four different program options to tailor you learning experience to your carrer needs and goals.

You are eligible to apply if...

  • You hold a bachelor's degree in an engineering-related discipline from an institution of recognized standing.
  • Applicants with degrees in other science, technology,  mathematics disciplines are encouraged to apply and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • The GRE is not required for students who have earned a 2.75 GPA from an ABET-accredited engineering program.

To complete the program you must...

  • Complete 30 credit hours, or 10 courses
    • Must include the following core courses:
      • INSY 6600/6 Manufacturing and Production Economics  3 hours
      • INSY 7980/6 Master's Engineering Project  3 hours
      • INSY 6800/6 Lean Production  3 hours
      • INSY 7080/6 Human Factors Engineering  3 hours
      • BUSI 7140/6 Organizational Leadership, Ethics and Change  3 hours
    • Remaining 15 hours must be earned in one of the following options:
  • Manufacturing:
    • INSY 6330/6 Data Based Decision Making Using Six Sigma  3 hours
    • INSY 6840/6 Control of the Manufacturing Floor and Processes  3 hours
    • Plus three coures in INSY 6000-8999 or ISNY-related at 6000-8999-level electives  6 hours

  • Occupational Safety and Ergonomics:
    • INSY 6010/6 Safety Engineering I  3 hours
    • INSY 7020/6 Safety Engineering II  3 hours
    • INSY 7060/6 Ergonomics I  3 hours
    • INSY 7070/6 Ergonomics II  3 hours
    • INSY 7050/6 Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Hazards  3 hours

  • Systems:
    • INSY 7720/6 Systems Engineering 1  3 hours
    • INSY 7710/6 Life Cycle Engineering  3 hours
    • MNGT 7160/6 Strategic Management of Innovation and Technology  3 hours
    • Plus two courses in INSY 6000-8999 or INSY-related at 6000-8999-level electives  6 hours

  • Product Innovation (coming soon):
    • MNGT 7160/6 Strategic Management of Innovation and Technology  3 hours
    • INSY 7730/6 Product Design, Development and Test  3 hours
    • INSY 7740/6 Product Launch, Manufacturing and Delivery  3 hours
    • INSY 7750/6 Intellectual Property, Legal, Venture Capital  3 hours
    • INSY 7710/6 Life Cycle Engineering  3 hours

What can you expect?

  • Once admitted into Auburn Engineering's graduate online program, you will work with the graduate program officer to create a plan of study:
    • LuAnn Carpenter, director of student program and assessment and administration

Applying for the Master of Engineering Management