Alabama Transportation Assistance Program

Alabama Transportation Assistance Program
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The Alabama Transportation Assistance Program (ATAP) is Alabama’s LTAP Center. The Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) in each state is jointly funded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and State Departments of Transportation. ATAP serves as a management resource for highways and streets maintained by local governments by providing cost-effective training and technical assistance to counties and cities in Alabama, the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) and consulting engineers who practice in Alabama. ATAP offers 40-50 workshops each year across a variety of transportation-related topics. The program also manages a safety technical assistance program (STACC), and coordinates several conferences, including the annual Alabama Transportation Conference. ATAP is located within the  Highway Research Center in the  Department of Civil Engineering  at Auburn University. Alabama’s LTAP Center, previously known as the Alabama T 2  Center, has been at Auburn since its inception in 1983.

Alabama Traffic Incident Management

Alabama's Traffic Incident Management (ALTIM) training program addresses the challenges of moving people and goods efficiently and safely on the nation's highways. The program focuses on response efforts that protect motorists and responders while minimizing the impact on traffic flow. Efforts include detecting, verifying, and responding to incidents; clearing the incident scene; and restoring traffic flow. Based on the severity or type of incident, first responders may include law enforcement, fire, transportation, emergency medical services, public safety, towing and recovery, public works, and hazardous materials disciplines.  Using a multiple discipline approach, first responders learn how to assess potentially hazardous and dangerous scenarios in a timely and calm manner.

Safety Technical Assistance for Counties and Cities

The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) partners with the Alabama Transportation Assistance Program (ATAP) to administer STACC. This program provides technical support, training and other activities to Alabama counties and cities to support their efforts to reduce fatalities and injuries on city and county roads. The STACC program makes road safety technical assistance services available to cities and counties that otherwise may be difficult to obtain because of their limited resources. The program’s focus is primarily on counties with a population less than 50,000 and cities with less than 15,000 residents.

Annual Alabama Transportation Conference

The annual Alabama Transportation Conference is developed by the Department of Civil Engineering at Auburn University and the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT).  This event provides an opportunity to share innovative advances in transportation planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance.  Technical sessions, luncheons and breaks create a forum for the exchange of ideas among transportation professionals.  The conference also includes a trade exhibit to enhance learning and provide additional networking opportunities for all participants.  The 62nd annual Alabama Transportation Conference will be held on Feb. 12-13, 2019, in Montgomery.

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