Educational Videos

For short or more in-depth educational videos, click the link below.

Short Videos with Captain Crosswalk:

Crossing a Road. Stay Alert

Crossing the Street not near an Intersection

Crossing at an Intersection

Walking at Night

Combined Videos with Captain Crosswalk


Driver and Pedestrian Tips:

Let's Learn about Roundabouts

More In-depth Videos:


TTC: Flagger Training Basics 



Temporary Traffic Control (TTC): Mobile Operations on a Two-Lane Road

  • Flagger and Road User Knowledge
  • For more information visit the MUTCD on the Federal HWY Administration Website


 Roadway Departure Crashes


Horizontal Alignment Signage and the MUTCD

 Curve Advisory Reporting Service (CARS) Technology Reviewer

 Partnering with LTAP - Chevron Alignment Signage Needs


 High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST)

 CARE Safety Portal for HRRR Applications 

Training on Safety Improvements for HRRR

"Safety Improvements for High Risk Rural Roads"