Auburn's 40,000 alumni and friends are the foundation of the engineering family. Our graduates span the globe and carry with them the spirit that sets Auburn men and women apart in the workplace and community.

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Auburn Alumni Engineering Council

Council Members

The Auburn Alumni Engineering Council (AAEC) is a group of Auburn Engineering alumni who work together to support the vision and goals of the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering. The council meets twice annually to assist and advise the college, and its members serve on a variety of committees geared to the mission and operation of
the college.

Council members are an active and valued component of the College of Engineering family. They demonstrate a continuing commitment to move the college to new levels of excellence and take its place among the nation’s premier engineering institutions. The council provides leadership and participation in areas such as academics, development, governmental affairs and public relations.

Young Alumni Council

Young Alumni Council Members

The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering is committed to engaging its young Auburn engineers with the activities of the college. To demonstrate the value of its young alumni, the college has formed a young alumni board to serve as a focus group to help keep our young alumni involved in Auburn Engineering. We would like to invite all engineering young alumni to stay engaged . . . whether you participate in Auburn Engineering's great on-line education program to further your education, serve as mentors or develop projects for our senior design classes, attend alumni events and help promote the college in your social networks and companies, or choose to give back financially to Auburn. We hope you value your Auburn education and that you will choose to stay engaged in Auburn Engineering.