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College of Engineering / Guest Lectures on Sustainability Topics

Guest Lectures on Sustainability Topics

To introduce our students to sustainability issues, the faculty members listed below are willing to give guest lectures on the topics listed below.

Topic Professor Email address

Algae for sustainable production of biofuels, clean water, and food

Brendan Higgins

Bio-derived and green lubricants 

Rob Jackson

Carbon capture, utilization and storage

Lauren Beckingham

Critical materials 

Jeff Fergus

Electronic waste and recycling

Eldon Triggs

Energy overview: Conventional resources and emerging options

Sushil Bhavnani

Environmental remediation, green chemistry, pollution control

Jeff Horne

Improved efficiency and prolonged life via tribology

Rob Jackson

Introduction to Life Cycle Analysis

Jeff Fergus

Methanol economy - a carbon free strategy to produce chemicals and energy from CO2

Carlos Carrero

Natural/bio-derived nanomaterials

Virginia Davis

Polymers from renewable resources

Maria L. Auad

Role of Engineering in Addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Jeffrey Fergus

Sustainability issues with the production of 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation biofuels

Sushil Adhikari

Sustainable and livable transportation systems

Jeff LaMondia

Sustainable catalysis

Carlos Carrero

Water and agriculture in the western U.S.

Frances O'Donnell

Water, peak water and virtual water

Mark Barnett

Harvesting ambient environmental energy as sustainable power source

Daniel Kim

What is Ecological Engineering? Principles and practice of a new field of engineering

David Blersch

If you would like to include any of these lectures in one of your classes, you can contact the professor to arrange for a time.  So that we can keep track of interest in these topics, please copy Jeff Fergus ( on your request.  Also contact Jeff Fergus if you are willing to provide a guest lecture and add to the list of topics.