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IISE is dedicated to supporting Industrial and Systems Engineering Students at Auburn University by providing educational, professional, and leadership opportunities. Our goal is not only to give students jobs today, but also to equip students with the skills needed to get jobs in the future.

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Dr. LuAnn Carpenter's Office: 3301C Shelby Center

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We will be hosting a Green Belt Certification course on April 3-5. This course is offered at a discounted rate and will be so beneficial when you enter the workforce! For more information refer to the IISE Newsletter or email us at

On April 22nd from 5 pm - 7 pm we will be hosting a Tableau Workshop in the TIGER Lab in Lowder. Come join us and Dr.Ishfaq to get prepared for the workforce or your summer internship.

As a reminder, IISE is open to all majors. Please feel free to come to any of our events!

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