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The Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) is dedicated to supporting Industrial and Systems Engineering Students at Auburn University by providing educational, professional, and leadership opportunities.  Our mission is to not only provide job opportunitites to all ISE students, but to provide the resources and skills needed for the job in their future career. Our student membership range from freshman to graduate students in our organization which makes the organization itself diverse.

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Staggered. Plan meetings around company representatives, faculty members, and alumni council members.

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Dr. LuAnn Carpenter's Office: 3301C Shelby Center

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During the month of April we will plan to host an in-person or on-demand Lean-Six Sigma Green Belt Certification course. This course is offered at a discounted rate and will be so beneficial when you enter the workforce and could be a make or break for salary rates and status! For more information refer to the IISE Newsletter or email us at

We host events from the following categories: Industrial Engineering Company Representative(s), Faculty Panels, and Alumni/Alumni Council Members. As a club, we want to expose the students involved with the organization to internal or external individuals who are involved with the profession itself. With the faculty panels, we plan to host a select few faculty members who would be willing to share their research and research opportunities to all active participants. We will also be hosting a few professional development workshops with the Industrial and Systems Engineering Alumni and/or Alumni Council Board. 

As a reminder, IISE is open to all majors. Please feel free to come to any of our events!

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Jett Davis

Dr. LuAnn Carpenter

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