7T MRI Front View

Siemens 7T MRI

  • 60 cm bore
  • 270 cm length
  • Gradients - 130 mT/m and slew rate of 250 mT/m/ms
  • 32ch Rx x 8ch Tx head coil (Nova Medical)
  • 32ch Rx x 1ch Tx head coil (Nova Medical)
  • 8-channel parallel transmit array
  • Multinuclear imaging capability (13C, 19F, 23Na, 31P)
  • 28ch Rx x 1ch Tx knee coil (QED)
  • 400 lbs Patient Table Weight Capacity
  • Avotec Silent Vision SV-6011 LCD projection system
  • Avotec Silent Scan SS-3100 audio system
  • Current Designs button response units
  • 64-channel MRI-compatible EEG (Brain Vision)