Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I know if my state board will accept Auburn University’s continuing
    education courses? You may visit the following link on our website which will
    let you know which state boards we are approved or accepted by. You will also
    find links to each states board.
  2. What if my state board requires PDHs instead of the CEUs listed on the
    certificate? The contact hours are also listed on the certificate which is what the
    state boards are looking for. 1 Contact hour = 1 PDH= 1 LU = 1 CPC = 0.1 CEU
  3. Is the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering an ABET accredited school?
  4. Does your office file my continuing education completions with the state boards?
    Only if you are registered in the state of Florida. All other state boards place this
    responsibility with the licensee.
  5. How many attempts do I have to pass the course exam? You have two attempts to
    pass the exam. The passing scores are as follows: Architects 80%, PEs and LSs
    70%, Landscape Architects 75%. If you have submitted a paper exam we will
    send you the second exam if you have failed the first. The certificate date will be
    the date of the first exam submission.
  6. May I get a transcript of the courses that I have taken? Yes, call our office at
  7. What if I do not like the course I ordered, and I have not taken the exam for CEUs
    yet? You have 30 days from the date of purchase to notify our office
    1.833.419.8528/334.844.5807 or for a full refund or
    exchange for a different course or credit.
  8. May I sell or give my course to another individual as long as I have not taken the
    exam and it has not expired? Yes, but you must notify our office in writing
    indicating the change, and that you the original purchaser, assigns all rights to the
    new recipient of the course. The original expiration date still applies.
  9. How long do I have after purchasing the course before I must submit my exam for
    CEU credit? You have one year from the date of purchase to take the exam. For
    DVD/CD orders, the date of submission is the date of the postmark. If you miss
    this deadline, you must repurchase the course to get credit. Exceptions: If you
    purchase all the courses in a series certificate, you have two years to complete all
    the courses. You have three years to complete all of the courses in the “Business
    Essential for Engineering Professionals” series certificate.
  10. Why do the courses have expiration dates? This encourages you to take the
    course(s) quickly and receive credit for it. It also allows us the flexibility to drop
    courses and makes our current course database more manageable.
  11. What if I need help when your offices are closed? You may email us at, and someone will help you as soon as possible.
  12. Why do you now charge a materials fee for DVD/CD orders? Our printing expenses have gone up dramatically, and we did not think it fair to raise prices for online courses to subsidize those who prefer the hard copies.
  13. If I purchase courses in the CD/DVD format, what materials come with it? You will receive the CD/DVD, workbook and paper exam via FedEx.
  14. Are the online materials downloadable? Yes, the video, workbook, and exam pdf are all downloadable. For an additional fee, you may order a hardcopy of the workbook.
  15. What is the difference between an individual order and an organizational order?
    Individual orders- are for one person to view and/or receive CEUs.
    Organizational/Corporate Orders- It is more economical for a company to order an organizational course, if they have a number of employees who are interested in the same course. This option also allows as many employees (who are on site) to also take the course, regardless of their need for CEUs. For more information or to place an organizational order, please call 1.833.419.8528.