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Online engineering alum says master's program contributed to promotion

By Karen Hunley

Published: Sep 23, 2022 8:50:00 AM

Auburn engineering alum Sean Webb Auburn engineering alum Sean Webb

Alumnus testimonial: Sean Webb, Master of Engineering Management (online program)

Q: Where did you earn your bachelor’s degree and what is it in?
A: I earned my bachelor’s degree in industrial and systems engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Q: When did you start and when did you finish your graduate degree?  
A: I started working on my master’s degree in fall 2020 and completed the degree in summer 2022.

Q: What have you been doing since you finished the program?
A: I have continued working as a systems safety engineer for APT Research, Inc. in Huntsville, as well as traveling and woodworking with the free time I now have after completing the MEM program.

Q: What made you decide to pursue this graduate online program?
A:  I knew Auburn had a fantastic engineering department, and as I am a safety engineer, the fact that Auburn has a defined safety focused program was a huge plus. Also, the cost to attend Auburn was very reasonable for me due to in-state tuition and competitive with other universities in Alabama that do not offer a safety-focused degree. I really wanted to diversify my college background and thought, what better way to do just that by attending Alabama’s top two engineering colleges.

Q: What was your personal experience with the 100 percent online format?
A: My experience has been nothing but positive. I could tell the online engineering program has worked hard to ensure that all the students and professors have the tools necessary to be successful. There was never a moment when I felt the students who were attending online were less of a priority than the students who were on campus. At the beginning of each semester there was always a person available to set up in-person proctoring where I live. I personally preferred taking my tests online because I never felt there was any major pressure since I could be as comfortable as possible while taking the exams.

Q: How has this graduate degree enhanced your professional life, or how do you expect it will in future? 
A: I was immediately able to get a promotion/raise and have the confidence to take on larger roles within my company and projects I am working. I find myself thinking on many of the subjects discussed in several of my classes almost daily, and I try to practice the principles in my work.

Q: What would you tell someone who was thinking about applying for an Auburn Engineering Online graduate program?
A: I can easily answer this because I have talked about this with a friend. I talked him into not only pursuing a master’s degree but also doing it through Auburn’s Engineering Online program. I would tell anyone how much I enjoyed the program from start to finish. I always had someone I could reach out to with any questions and hear back within 24 hours. I would tell them about the level of expectations from the professors they would encounter and how open they are to working with the students through adversities that may come up. I’d mention how challenging it can be at times to go from working 8-10 hours at the office then coming home to watch a lecture that could range from 1-3 hours long but remind them also how rewarding it is and that they can take the classes at their own pace. I would encourage them to talk with Engineering Online personnel for tips on how to be successful in getting the degree without ever stepping foot on campus. And lastly, I’d tell them Auburn Engineering Online has ensured the level of rigor for online students is as equal to that of on-campus students. 



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