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Ginning Podcast

Ginning Podcast Log

Mechanical engineering junior and Auburn swimming sensation Mason Mathias can follow that black line like nobody's business. In the pool, in the classroom, the Lad from Leeds is constantly in the lead. We're talking trainin', we're talkin' brainin'... we're talkin' Mason Mathias. 

Things are really heating up for Thomas Lester. The fourth-generation Auburn Man and sophomore in industrial and systems engineering recently sat down with the #GINNing gang to discuss how his early morning caffeine cravings spawned an entrepreneurial empire in the making. 

Meet biosystems engineering sophomore Bella Nonales, a dean's list dynamo with a chance of making history as the drummiest major in the history of the Auburn University Marching Band. Not bad for someone who just celebrated her 5th birthday. 

On the latest episode of the award-winning #GINNing Podcast, meet biosystems engineering sophomore Maddie Spoor, an Auburn Engineering double legacy who's getting the earliest jump possible on undergraduate research in order to blaze her own trail. 

The man, the myth, the unincorporated legend. Ladies and gentlemen — senior mechanical engineering lecturer, undergraduate program officer, student advisor and director of the Design and Manufacturing Lab, Jordan Roberts. 

Cassandra Porter. Cassie Porter. Cass Porter. She goes by many names. And she has even more pursuits. She's a former professional ballerina. A current fossil hunter. And a day-jobbing assistant professor of chemical engineering. Curious? Well then join us as we pass through the walls of mystery surrounding this LinkedIn-less membrane maestro. 

When it comes to hacking, Emily Kimbrell ain't slacking. Listen to this former aspiring cinematographer turned white hat wunderkind (and undergraduate software engineering research fellow) discuss how Auburn is routing her career — and the largest hackathon in Alabama.

What to expect on the 251st episode of the best podcast in all of higher education? How about the origin story of geotechnical juggernaut Brian Anderson, a full-scale infrastructure inspiration who's girding the loins of this nation's foundations.