Polish delegation tours engineering campus, eyes possible research collaborations

Published: Nov 15, 2022 12:00 PM

By Jeremy Henderson

Last week, a delegation of Polish scholars visited the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering to review the college's research initiatives and identify areas of possible academic collaboration. Visitors included directors of Poland's National Research Institute, as well as rectors and department chairs of several Polish universities, including the country's top-ranked engineering schools: AGH University, Warsaw University of Technology, Poznan University of Technology, Silesian University of Technology, Cracow University of Technology, Bialystok University of Technology and Koszalin University of Technology. 

"It was a great honor to host such eminent scholars," said Andrzej S. Nowak, chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, who earlier this year was elected to the prestigious Academy of Engineering in Poland. "The group had just come from a symposium on resiliency held at the Polish embassy in Washington D.C., so it was great opportunity to showcase the college's incredible facilities and resources focused on that same topic to an international audience."

Other areas the delegation identified for possible collaboration between Auburn and Polish intutitions included aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, transportation and infrastructure. 

"We also discussed the political situation in their region of the world, in particular the war in neighboring Ukraine," Nowak said. "Polish universities are supporting Ukrainian scholars and students.  A joint support effort with Auburn was considered."

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Polish scholars tour Auburn's new Advanced Structural Engineering Laboratory

Polish scholars tour Auburn's new Advanced Structural Engineering Laboratory

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