2020 in review: Top #GINNing podcasts of the year

As 2020 draws to a close, #GINNing, the award-winning podcast launched by the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering in March 2019, is closing in on its 100th episode.

Given that nearly half have been recorded during a world-wide pandemic, that's no small feat.

Here's the Top 5 most downloaded episodes from this unprecedented year. 


5. The Pavement Powers of Benjamin Bowers

Sustainability and pavement — that's what assistant civil and environmental professor Ben Bowers does.

Auburn's resident asphalt aficionado recently sat down with the #GINNing gang to talk Tar Heel football infrastructure resilience, NASCAR and his missing mug.


Daniel Tauritz

4. Solving the Puzzle of AI's role in Cybersecurity

You want prestigious cybersecurity research? Look no further than Daniel Tauritz, chief cyber AI strategist for the Auburn Cyber Research Center.



3. The Frito Lady

Katelyn Rheinlander credits her delectable day job to Auburn's Department of Biosystems Engineering.

Listen to the 2013 Auburn graduate discuss the challenges of chip checking at the largest Frito-Lay factory in North America.



2. From Bowels to Bio

Sushil Adhikari can't keep his mind out of the sewer.

The alumni professor of biosystems engineering, and the director of the cutting edge Center for Bioenergy and Bioproducts, made his #GINNing debut with a discussion on biomass pyrolysis, hydrothermal liquefaction, torrefaction, biodiesel production and biomass gasification.



1. Ayers Apparent

Meredith Ayers Feltman, a doctoral student in civil engineering, is committed to solving the problem of emerging contaminants. So don't cancel that trip to the Caymans just yet.  


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Katelyn Rheinlander

Katelyn Rheinlander

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