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Auburn Cyber Research Center taps Jason Cuneo as chief technologist

By Morgan Martin

Published: Jan 18, 2019 2:43:00 PM

Jason Cuneo Jason Cuneo

Jason Cuneo, a Huntsville-based cybersecurity specialist, has joined Auburn University’s Samuel Ginn College of Engineering as chief technologist of the Auburn Cyber Research Center. Working closely with Auburn University’s Huntsville Research Center, Cuneo will provide subject matter expertise to AUHRC customers while also helping the Auburn Cyber Research Center work with industry to develop cyber-focused internship and job opportunities for current and graduating students.

Prior to this position, Cuneo owned a security consulting business focused on security assessments, compliance and technical training.

“My customers came from different industries, so understanding both the external security requirements and individual needs of each business allowed me to look at security from different perspectives,” Cuneo said. “In addition, I have been very involved with the professional cybersecurity community over the years including organizations like the Information Systems Security Association and Cyber Huntsville, and hope that all of these experiences will help the Auburn Cyber Research Center.”

This spring, Cuneo will head to campus to teach a course on digital forensics that includes both undergraduate and graduate computer science and software engineering students. The class will focus on various aspects of digital forensics and methods to identify, collect, and analyze digital evidence.

“Based on our ongoing development of highly qualified students, we are working towards Auburn being a first choice for cybersecurity employers,” Cuneo said.

Cuneo is currently earning his Ph.D. from Auburn’s Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering and says that this experience, as well as working with the AUHRC and its customers, made him aware of the many activities Auburn has in the cyber field.

“During this time I was able to develop relationships with important organizations on campus, including the Auburn Cyber Research Center, directed by David Umphress, and the Charles D. McCrary Institute for Cyber and Critical Infrastructure Security, led by Frank Cilluffo,” Cuneo said. “I am very excited to work with both Dr. Umphress and Mr. Cilluffo in the coming months.”

Media Contact: Chris Anthony,, 334.844.3447

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