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Graduate Certificate in Manufacturing Systems

On-Campus and Fully Online – 12 credit hours 

The Manufacturing Systems Certificate is for students looking to acquire more knowledge in manufacturing. Students completing this certificate will explore the design, analysis, and operation of manufacturing systems as a combination of humans, machinery, equipment, tooling, controls, building, transportation, etc., that are bound by a common material and information flow through application-based courses in state-of-the-art labs and classroom environments.

Required courses: All courses are 3 hours unless stated otherwise.

  • INSY 6330 Six Sigma (3 hours) (Offered every Fall)
  • INSY 6800 Lean Systems (3 hours) (Offered every Fall and Spring)


Complete any two of the following:

  • INSY 6240 Production and Inventory Control Systems (Offered every three years from Spring 2022)
  • INSY 6450 Simulation-based Planning and Scheduling (Offered every five years from Spring 2022)
  • INSY 6830 Vehicle Technology and Trends (Offered every other Fall from Fall 2022)
  • INSY 6840 Control of the Manufacturing Floor and Processes (Offered odd-numbered years in Fall)
  • INSY 6850 Electronics Manufacturing Systems (Offered every other year)
  • INSY 6860 Innovations in Manufacturing Systems (Offered every other Spring from 2024)
  • INSY 7400 Applied Discrete-event Simulation Modeling (Next offering planned Fall 2024)
  • INSY 7940 Industrial and Systems Engineering Problems (1-5 hours)
  • INSY 7970 Industrial and Systems Engineering Special Topics (1-5 hours)
  • INSY 8970 Industrial and Systems Engineering Special Topics (1-5 hours)


Special Topics/Problems courses require department approval and only will count as credit towards the certificate based on the topic of the course. Students cannot take 5xxx and the corresponding 6xxx course and receive credit for both.

Gradute students who complete INSY 6800 and INSY 6330 with a B average receive the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.

All academic credit earned from the certificate may be applied toward a graduate degree. Once you complete this certificate, you are only 6 courses away from obtaining a Master of Engineering Management – Manufacturing Option or 6 courses plus a one-hour graduate seminar course from completing a Master of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering.

To see a listing of all INSY courses, go here:

The courses in our program can be taken in any order and prerequisites are generally not enforced at the Graduate level. Taking three courses (9 hours) is considered full-time for a Graduate student. Most online students take 1-2 courses per semester.