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Short Courses, Workshops and Meetings

Blast Vulnerability Assessment - First step to economical protection! 

Presented by Stone Security Engineering (

1pm to 5pm on Wednesday 17th May


This course will provide attendees with a focused and smaller group setting to work through the particularities of a blast vulnerability assessment of existing/new facilities and how it differs from typical blast design of individual structural components. Attendees should expect to leave this course with a general understanding of the different phases of a blast vulnerability assessment as well as the ability to recognize and determine appropriate physical measures and structural retrofits.

The course will be divided into two sessions, with topics related to the typical phases of a threat and blast vulnerability analysis, including perimeter protection, physical operations in place, type of construction, structural analysis, retrofit design, and more.

Participants will learn proven techniques for better physical protection, avoiding common pitfalls and how to communicate with clients and security consultants. Graduate students are encouraged to participate as they will be given a head start in the private sector by getting a peek into the specifics of physical security projects. There will also be opportunities for discussing specific challenges, so participants are encouraged to bring their own past and current experiences into the class.


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