Vision-sharing 100+ Women Strong sponsor finds strength in diversity

Published: Mar 2, 2020 9:03 AM

By Lauren Winton

AM/NS Calvert, a joint venture between ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel Corporation, had a lot to say about Auburn Engineering’s 100+ Women Strong program. As new Visionary Sponsors of 100+ Women Strong, AM/NS Calvert sees value in the program—value that aligns with their own vision and purpose.

“We recently rolled out a new values and purpose statement, I’m excited to share,” said Brooke Dolbare, communications and corporate responsibility manager for AM/NS Calvert. “Innovations in steel, strengthened by people, transforming tomorrow.”

Forging steel is AM/NS Calvert’s business, but the name of their game is people.

“Without our people we could not do what we do each and every day,” Dolbare said.

Their focus on recruiting the best talent in the steel industry has led to the exciting partnership with Auburn Engineering. Like the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, AM/NS Calvert looks to recruit future engineers from an early age.

“Everyone on our team is contributing to a common goal,” Dolbare said. “Sustainability is imperative in our industry, as is establishing the next generation of engineers. We want to develop a pipeline for the future, and we want a diverse pipeline of highly qualified candidates.”

Dolbare and her colleagues see 100+ Women Strong as a key initiative in elevating recruiting. By encouraging more women to pursue engineering, the program allows partners like AM/NS Calvert to recruit on a broader scale.

“100+ Women Strong is an exciting program because it allows us to expand our talent pipeline and to promote the work we do to students. We want all engineers—male or female—to know there’s a place for them here,” Dolbare said.

But like many other leading engineering companies, AM/NS Calvert does not want to simply promote diversity for diversity’s sake. They are interested in growing their already talented teams into something better.

“By bringing diversity into any field of study, or any workplace, you’re elevating the potential of that company. If everyone looks and thinks the same, then there will be no growth. Organizations like 100+ Women Strong prepare female engineers for the next step in an organization like ours. It allows them to find their voice and be confident. It leads to a well-rounded team, company and organization,” Dolbare said.

The mission of 100+ Women Strong—to recruit, retain and reward women in engineering—extends beyond Auburn University and the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering. It is a mission and vision that companies like AM/NS Calvert and individuals find inspiring and reaffirming of their own beliefs.

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From left: Steve Stewart, Chris Jaudon, Nikhilesh Chilukuri, Dani Pendleton

From left: Steve Stewart, Chris Jaudon, Nikhilesh Chilukuri, Dani Pendleton

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