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Embodying the Mission: Teaching Beyond the Classroom

By Joe McAdory

Adit Singh, a Life Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers whose Auburn career began in 1991, has trained and educated thousands of engineers from leading semiconductor companies worldwide in cutting-edge technologies associated with the design and testing of integrated circuit chips. 

For his contributions to industry and enhancing careers of countless engineers worldwide, Singh was presented the prestigious Auburn University 2021 Award for Excellence in Faculty Outreach. 

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Chair Mark Nelms considers Singh, “the embodiment of outreach and impact” and an “ambassador for Auburn University.” 

Singh has taken great pride in being instrumental in building successful engineering careers. He pointed out that the many industry professionals he educates help spark his own creativity and research that makes a meaningful impact. 

When a pupil leaves Singh’s classroom and walks into industry, what educational tools are most important? 

“That’s very simple,” Singh said. “The fundamentals. The basic concepts of technology. Things have changed a lot in the past 30 years. Technology is rapidly advancing. The professional who is trained well is the one who can understand the basic, fundamental engineering concepts that he or she has learned. Specifics of the technology change, but the fundamentals do not.”