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College of Engineering / Current Undergraduate Students / Engineering Tutoring / How to Make an Appointment

How to Make an Appointment

If a block preventing appointments is in place please send an email with a subject line that says, “Tutoring No Show Block.” The tutoring coordinator will reach back out to you to discuss removing the block.

  • Go to your AU Access page and click on the Advise Assist owl icon.
  • Click the Make An Appointment  button on the right side of your Advise Assist home page under the owl icon.
  • “What type of appointment do you need” 
    • Choose:  Academic Coaching & TUTORING for ENGR Students
  • “Service” Choose either:
    • C Programming (Only if enrolled in COMP 1200)  
    • MATLAB (Only if enrolled in COMP 1200)
    • My Courses (Allows you to choose any course in which you are enrolled except COMP 1200
  • “Pick a Date” Choose: The date you want a tutoring appointment.
    • Click the Find Available Time  button below your date choice.
  • Continue to follow all of the prompts and make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom and click the Schedule button
Tutoring Session


When to Cancel an Appointment

Cancel your appointment as soon as possible so the appointment opens back up for other students needing help. Tutoring appointments canceled  less than 3 hours in advance  of the scheduled appointment time will automatically be considered a NO-SHOW. Any Tutor Center client (student) with 3 or more no-shows in a 30-day period will be blocked from making future appointments.


How to Cancel an Appointment

  • Go to your Advise Assist homepage
  • Select the tab that says “More” beneath your picture
  • Choose Calendar
  • Select into the appointment you want to cancel
    • Select “Cancel Appointment” in the lower left corner
  • Cancel Appointment For:
    • In the “Select Who to Cancel” dropdown choose:
      • Entire Appointment
  • Reason:
    • In the “Select a Reason” dropdown choose:
      • Student Cancel
  • Leave a note in the Comments box to explain why you are cancelling
  • Select “Cancel Appointment” in the lower left hand corner again.
  • You will receive an email from Advise Assist letting you know that the appointment has been cancelled


Questions about Engineering Student Tutoring may be sent to