The Engineering Student Services Peer Advisors are a select group of students that serves as an essential part in serving our Pre-Engineering students. Peer Advisors work in close cooperation with the Engineering Student Services professional academic advising staff to provide a high level of service to our Pre-Engineering students. Our Peer Advisors assist students with understanding their major curriculum, providing information on academic policies and procedures, and assisting our Academic Advisors with mandatory advising and course registration. In addition to their peer advising duties, our Peer Advisors host events for our students, assist with registration labs, and serve as an additional point of contact for students on all the resources that are available to them within the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering.

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Meet Your Engineering Peer Advisors!

Andrew Winn headshot

Andrew Winn

Mechanical Engineering - Spring 2024

Austyn Murphy headshot

Austyn Murphy

Aerospace Engineering - Spring 2024

Bexley Knight headshot

Bexley Knight

Industrial & Systems Engineering - Spring 2025

Blaike Long headshot

Blaike Long

Mechanical Engineering - Spring 2026

Christopher Lathram headshot

Christopher Lathram

Electrical Engineering - Spring 2026

Christopher Muston headshot

Christopher Muston

Aerospace Engineering - Spring 2025

Cindy Jiang headshot

Cindy Jiang

Computer Science - Spring 2026

Emma Eady headshot

Emma Eady

Aerospace Engineering - Spring 2026

Frances Fabbrini headshot

Frances Fabbrini

Biosystems – Ecological Engineering - Spring 2025

Jeevalraj Aulakh headshot

Jeevalraj Aulakh

Industrial & Systems Engineering - Fall 2025

Kristyn Edmondson headshot

Kristyn Edmondson

Chemical Engineering - Spring 2024

Lillian Krueger headshot

Lillian Krueger

Civil Engineering - Spring 2024

Maci Hadley headshot

Maci Hadley

Software Engineering - Spring 2025

Mary Claire Pace headshot

Mary Claire Pace

Mechanical Engineering - Spring 2026

Mattie Brennan headshot

Mattie Brennan

Biosystems – Bioprocess Engineering - Spring 2025

Phoebe Judkins headshot

Phoebe Judkins

Civil Engineering - Spring 2024

Ryan Poole headshot

Ryan Poole

Mechanical Engineering - Spring 2026

Tate Alston headshot

Tate Alston

Aerospace Engineering - Spring 2026