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Software Engineering

The focus of the software engineering curriculum, which leads to the bachelor of software engineering, is on software design and construction, requirements analysis, security, verification, and validation, as well as software engineering processes and tools appropriate for the development of complex software systems. The degree program prepares students for professional careers and graduate study with a balance of computer science theory and practical application of software engineering methodology. The curriculum is based on a strong core of computing topics and also enriches each student’s general education with a range of courses from science, mathematics, the humanities and the social sciences. Through advanced elective courses, the curriculum allows students to specialize in core areas of computer science and software engineering. Engineering design theory and methodology, as they apply to software systems, form an integral part of the curriculum, beginning with the first course in computing and culminating with a comprehensive senior design project, which gives students the opportunity to work in one or more significant application domains. The curriculum also emphasizes oral and written communication skills, the importance of ethical behavior, and the need for continual, life-long learning. The overall educational objectives of the Software Engineering program are for graduates of the program to attain success in their chosen profession and/or post-undergraduate studies.


Accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET