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Aerospace Student

Aerospace engineers design, build, test and operate aerospace systems using scientific principles and engineering concepts and practices. Auburn’s aerospace engineering curriculum is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of fundamental scientific and technological principles, and to develop the ability to use these principles in developing solutions to engineering problems.

Program By the Numbers

  • Established in 1942
  • 2 astronaut alumni (T.K. Mattingly '71 and Jim Voss '72)
  • 539 Undergraduate students
  • 71 Graduate students
  • 17 full-time faculty

Our educational objectives are:

  1. To successfully position Auburn Aerospace Engineers to pursue advanced degrees in fields including engineering, law, business and medicine.
  2. To prepare graduates to uphold our country’s technical superiority in aerospace engineering through their contributions to industry, academia, government or professional aerospace organizations.
  3. To develop life-long learners eager to maintain and increase the depth and breadth of their competency in their areas of expertise, including but not limited to the field of aerospace engineering.

With an Auburn Aerospace Engineering degree, graduates can expect to gain:

  • Written and oral communication skills and a knowledge of history, literature and society
  • A solid foundation in and a sound working knowledge of basic engineering principles
  • An understanding of the engineering principles and skills specifically needed in the aeronautical and astronautical disciplines
  • An enhanced ability to learn and think creatively

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