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Huntsville Research Center Banner Huntsville Research Center Campus

Huntsville Research and Innovation Campus

Designed to foster a new era of interagency and interdisciplinary collaboration necessary to secure the nation into
the next century, the Auburn University Research and Innovation Campus will serve as a state-of-the-art, multi-million-dollar collaboration engine, conference center and research space that extends Auburn's expertise and next-generation resources to the defense, space and law enforcement agencies that call Redstone Arsenal home.

Located near the Arsenal's Gate 9 entrance and biotech collaborators such as Hudson Alpha, the campus will do more than expand Auburn's presence in the fastest growing tech hub in the country. It will lay a bold, permanent foundation from which Auburn can leverage its regional reputation and thriving public-private partnerships into unprecedented national prestige and influence.

Experimentation and Space Operations

The Auburn University Research and Innovation Campus' experimentation with co-located laboratories will allow Auburn research professionals and students to conduct cutting edge R&D across a range of technology readiness levels to help our customers overcome national security, aerospace and biotechnology challenges. These laboratories will facilitate expansion in Huntsville of high-profile Auburn research programs such as advanced manufacturing, additive manufacturing, biotechnology, quantum metrology, cyber and critical infrastructure security, and assured position, navigation and timing. To elevate Auburn's ability to conduct space research, facilities will be available for use as an operations center for NASA, DOD, and private sector missions.

Modeling and Simulation

Our highly agile capacity for creating a unique collaborative environment through modeling and simulation technology will be truly state of the art. We will provide our partners the ability to virtually integrate remote networks and distributed systems in order to meet the real time pace of modern innovation. To develop solutions that support partner agencies, collaborative spaces will facilitate tabletop exercises in an off-site but secure environment.

Career Connections

The Auburn University Research and Innovation Campus will be where today meets tomorrow. The facility will fast-track connections that change the world, not only through the opportunity for next-generation cross-domain collaboration among agencies, but by supplying our partners access to Auburn's most-promising young minds. The potential for front-line, real-world experience will also provide an unparalleled tool for recruiting future Auburn graduates pursuing fields in the defense, space and biotech sectors.

Auburn's Connection to the Huntsville Community

The Auburn University Research and Innovation Campus will quickly become the primary connection for the Huntsville community to Auburn University. The campus will be the go-to destination for government and industry entities around Redstone looking to meet in an unbiased, trusted location for technical interchange meetings and other events. This will be a location where Redstone personnel and others in the Huntsville area gather for education and training in complex procedures both in real and synthetic environments. Targeted AU coursework and continuing professional development programs will be delivered to Huntsville stakeholders at the Auburn University Research and Innovation Campus.


Huntsville Research Center Campus Additional

Implementing the Vision

The 9-acre property within Huntsville's Cummings Research Park is located on a highly visible site in close proximity to numerous defense and aerospace collaborators as well as the Bridge Street commercial development and Hudson Alpha. Also, the property is only minutes away from the Gate 9 entrance to Redstone Arsenal. The property is well equipped to support applied research and development work for Huntsville/Redstone customers as well as hosting alumni and development events. We anticipate additional costs for furnishings, equipment, possible laboratory renovations and security upgrades.

What's inside the center?

  • Configurable laboratories for on-site research and development in critical technology areas
  • Work areas for Auburn interns, co-op students, and graduate students engaged in R&D for Huntsville customers
  • Facilities for space and cyber security operations, modeling and simulation, and tabletop exercises
  • Meeting spaces and engagement opportunities for government, industry & academia to allow for in-person and virtual meetings, exercises, etc.
  • A venue for student and alumni activities such as poster sessions, recruiting events, development events, etc.
  • Sculptures, paintings and other works from the university art collection to inspire all

Who can benefit by using the Huntsville Research and Innovation Campus?

  • Auburn University faculty and students
  • Auburn University recruiting, career development, and development professionals
  • Auburn University alumni
  • NASA
  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Space Command
  • Missile Defense Agency
  • FBI
  • Numerous private sector aerospace and defense collaborators