Song-Yul Choe

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Ph.D, Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Samuel Ginn College of Engineering
Auburn University

Add: 2418C Wiggins Hall, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, U.S.A (36849)


Our society is currently confrontating with air pollution, global warming and depletion of the oil resources. These concerns can be alleviated by improved efficiency of power generation and distribution using electrochemical devices such as Fuel cells and Batteries. Alternative Powertrain Research Lab (APRL) led by Dr. Choe creates a research program that addresses fundamental understanding in electrochemical, thermal, and mechanical mechanism of the devices along with degradation by developing high resolution multi-physics and multiscale models. Innovative experimental equipment and validation methods are developed and used to verify the behaviors of the devices. Based on the understanding of the mechanisms, new application solutions for integrated systems are developed in conjunction with advanced controls that substantially improve efficiency, safety, and durability of the systems.

News and Announcement

  • The next conferences that we plan to attend are NASA WS 2022, ACC 2023 and ECS2022.

    Prospective Students

    We are currently looking for PhD students that have a background in modeling of batteries, experimental and theoretical analysis and advanced controls.

    Recent Research Highlight

  • Measurement of heat generation rate and entropy coefficient.

  • Improvement of 2D thermal models.

  • Estimation of SOC based on a reduced order electrochemical and aging model along with sigma point Kalman filter.

  • Optimization of fast and safe charging methods.

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