Welcome to the High Performance Scalable Building Energy Systems and Technologies (HPS-BEST) Laboratory.

Professor: Lorenzo Cremaschi
                 Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department
                 email: lzc0047@auburn.edu

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Broad Research


What we do in our research group:

  • Find ways to make buildings and transportation energy conversion systems more efficient.
  • Investigate performance issues with existing heat transfer fluids and system components.
  • Conduct research and expand capabilities of modeling tools.
  • Collaborate with other institutions, industry, and national labs to maximize impact.

Areas that capture our current research :

  1. Refrigeration & Cryogenics
  2. Heat Exchangers (Phase Change Processes in Evaporators & Condensers)
  3. Icing, Frosting, and Defrosting Phenomena
  4. Low Global Warming Potential (LGWP) Heat Transfer Fluids (Refrigerants & Lubricants/Nanolubricants Mixtures Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, and Pressure Drops)

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