National Center for Additive Manufacturing Excellence (NCAME)

Research & Standardization

NCAME directs and conducts research in several additive manufacturing (AM) thrust areas of immediate importance to industry and standardization communities

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Public-Private Partnership

NCAME currently consists of 100+ members from industry (aerospace, biomedical, defense, nuclear, and automotive sectors), government, academia, and non-profit organizations/societies) For more information contact the center director


Education and Training

NCAME aims to properly train and educate the next wave of additive manufacturing (AM) specialists, researchers, technicians, end-users, innovators, and more

We aim to guide multi-disciplinary research and foster effective collaborations amongst industry, government, academia, and non-profit organizations for ensuring a coordinated, global effort for rapidly closing standards and workforce development gaps in additive manufacturing.

Latest News

Jingyi (Ginny) Zheng, Shuai Shao, Lauren Beckingham, Maria Auad and Nima Shamsaei

NSF award to significantly boost Auburn metal AM qualification research

Nima Shamsaei and Shuai Shao

Army invests another $4.35M in Auburn additive manufacturing qualification research

Peter Liu, left, recently received an NSF CAREER award to support his research into deep learning's application in predicting fatigue performance in additive manufacturing.

ISE assistant professor earns NSF CAREER Award for AM fatigue life prediction through deep learning