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Ph.D. - Materials Engineering

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Why this degree?

Graduate study in materials engineering provides opportunities for students to acquire highly advanced knowledge in materials science or engineering through a combination of rigorous coursework, an oral exam, a dissertation and defense of that dissertation and seminar presentations.

You are eligible to apply if...

You pass qualifying examinations (oral and written) with a greater proficiency than master’s students prior to taking the comprehensive examinations. 

To complete the program you must...

  • Complete a total of 60 credit hours: 30 hours of 6000/7000- level courses, of which at least 24 are MATL courses; 10 to 30 hours of MATL 8990; and 0-20 hours of other coursework
  • Complete at least 18 hours of graded courses taken at Auburn
  • Complete an oral exam
  • Submit a plan of study, approve by the advisory committee, in the second semester
  • Present a dissertation proposal at least 1.5 years before graduation
  • present a dissertation defense
  • Complete a seminar presentation in the Graduate Seminar Series course

What can you expect?

The faculty research adviser and student prepare a plan of study that is approved by the department chair dean of the Graduate School.

Applying for the Ph.D. - Materials Engineering