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Master of Science - Biosystems Engineering

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Why this degree?

This degree produces graduates who are able to identify, formulate, analyze and solve complex biosystems engineering problems by using appropriate tools and techniques, including independent research, and who can effectively communicate to technical and non-technical audiences. Graduates are prepared for employment in national laboratories, industry and universities, and are able to design, develop, regulate, research and manage the systems and technologies needed to produce, transport, store and use natural resources to meet humanity’s most fundamental needs such as safe and abundant food, clean water, fiber, and renewable sources of fuel; and bio-based life-enhancing and life-saving products. 


You are eligible to apply if...

You have an undergraduate degree in engineering or other science fields. However, additional coursework may be required to obtain an understanding of the unique nature of the biosystems engineering discipline, and an appreciation of the challenges associated with applying engineering principles and practices to biological systems. In general, applicants with undergraduate degree in a science field should expect to complete a set of foundation engineering courses which are determined by biosystems engineering faculty.

To complete the program you must...

  • Pursue and complete a thesis or a non-thesis option. 

*View a complete course list and course descriptions. Graduate courses are those listed as level ”6000” and up; those that are also offered online have a corresponding listing ending in “6.” (e.g., 6050/6506)."

What can you expect?

  • Students will be able to specialize in the following areas: metabolic engineering, precision agriculture, off-highway vehicle engineering, food and process engineering, biological engineering, biomass and biofuel products, and ecological engineering. More information about the degree program can be obtained from the graduate program coordinator, Sushil Adhikari, at sushil.adhikari@auburn.edu or the department head, Oladiran Fasina, at fasinoo@auburn.edu.  

Applying for the Master of Science - Biosystems Engineering