1. Is the online degree different from the on-campus program?
The online degree is the same as the on campus degree in content, expectations and appearance. Diplomas are also the same as those earned by on-campus students.

2. Is Auburn University accredited?
Auburn University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award Bachelor’s, Master’s, Education Specialist, and Doctoral degrees. Questions about the accreditation of Auburn University may be directed in writing to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, GA 30033-4097, by calling (404) 679-4500, or by using information available on SACSCOC’s website ( www.sacscoc.org).

3. How long does it usually take to complete the program?
Auburn University operates on a semester system. Depending on the course load taken, degrees can be completed in as little as two years or as long as six years. The average online student is working full time while taking classes and generally completes the program of study in three to three-and-a-half years.

4. Is there a time limit to complete my degree?
Master’s students have six years and doctoral students have 10 years to finish from the date a student begins the program.

5. What is the average credit load taken per semester?
On average, graduate students take three to six credit hours (two courses) per semester.

6. Do I have to come to campus?
Graduate engineering students who have been approved to complete a thesis may be required to visit campus once to complete their oral examinations and project defense. Non-thesis students can complete their degree 100% online.

7. What entrance examinations are required?
• GRE (check specific program requirements for details)
• GMAT for the MBA/MISE dual degree program
• The TOEFL for students who do not hold an accredited undergraduate degree from a U.S. college or university

8. What is the institution code I use when requesting ETS to send Auburn University my TOEFL or GRE scores?
• Auburn University’s institution code is 1005
• The GRE departmental code is 5199
• The TOEFL departmental code is 99

9. Where do I send my official transcripts?
Official transcripts should be mailed to the Graduate School using the following address:
The Graduate School
106 Hargis Hall Auburn, AL 36849-5122

Official electronic transcripts from domestic institutions may be sent to: graduatetranscripts@auburn.edu 

10. Can I take a course without seeking a graduate degree?
Engineering students who hold a bachelor’s degree (or post-baccalaureate degree) may apply as a non-degree student for personal development, to obtain certification or recertification, to pursue a graduate certificate or to take a limited number of courses (maximum of 12 semester credit hours in one semester), prior to enrolling in a graduate degree program. To apply, non-degree graduate students must submit an application and official transcript showing the highest degree earned and pay the application fee.

11. What are the two types of acceptance?
• Regular acceptance: Applicants with a relevant bachelor’s degree from an accredited U.S. institution (or recognized international equivalent) are reviewed for acceptance by the proposed department’s graduate committee upon submittal of official transcript(s) showing all undergraduate/graduate work completed and satisfactory GRE scores if applicable. Individual departments may have additional acceptance criteria.
• Graduate, non-degree acceptance: Applicants with a bachelor’s degree may apply as a non-degree student for personal development, (re)certification or to take a limited number of courses (maximum of 12 credit hours in one semester) prior to being accepted and enrolling in a degree program. Applicants must complete an online application, pay the application fee and submit official transcript(s) showing highest degree earned. Non-degree students who later decide to pursue a graduate degree must reapply for admission to the Graduate School and the graduate program of interest.

12. Is there conditional acceptance?
On a case-by-case basis, some students may be allowed to begin taking classes while waiting for their GRE scores to return (one semester only). This must be approved by the academic department’s adviser. This is referred to as “provisional acceptance” and will be explained in the decision letter you receive from the Graduate School.

13. I was admitted provisionally so what do I need to do during this first semester?
If your decision letter indicates that you have been accepted provisionally, please make sure to complete your Graduate School file as soon as possible to prevent delays in future class registrations. If you are unsure of what is missing, please refer to your acceptance letter. You may also contact jml0006@auburn.edu to find out more details.

14. How do I check the status of my application with the Graduate School?
Applicants should contact their proposed department directly with any questions concerning individual department requirements as well as admission recommendations and the time frame in which those will be made. Using the Apply Yourself application module, candidates can check the status of their official transcripts, test scores and online recommendations. Contact information for all departments can be found on the Areas of Study page grad.auburn.edu/ps/areas_of_study.html

15. What is degree status?
Students who have been accepted by the Graduate School and departmental committee for a master’s or doctorate in engineering are classified as degree status. Application for admission and supporting documents must be returned to the Graduate School no later than 60 days prior to the start of the semester (grad.auburn.edu). Admission is valid for a maximum of 12 months beyond the entrance date for which you are accepted. After this period, a request for readmission and an application fee must be submitted to the Graduate School.

16. Is it possible to transfer credits?
Up to six semester hours of graduate credit taken in residence at another accredited graduate school may transfer to Auburn University. The credit must be acceptable to the student’s adviser/advisory committee and be pertinent to the student’s plan of study. Transfer credit will be approved ONLY with an official transcript. Courses with a grade lower than B will not transfer. https://web.auburn.edu/alpha/audit.aspx

17. Can I audit a class?
A graduate student may register to audit a course if it is not listed on the plan of study and if the major professor so recommends. The student must complete and submit the AUDIT form to the Graduate School before the 15th class day of the fall or spring semester, or the fifth class day of summer term. Students are not permitted to change from audit status to credit after classes begin, but may change from credit status to audit before the 15th class day (fall or spring) or fifth class day (summer).

18. Will I have an academic adviser?
As a degree-status student, your department will assign you an academic adviser. Advising can be done via telephone or email if approved by your adviser and department. All advising questions should be directed to the respective department. You can also call 888.844.5300 and ask to be transferred to any department.

19. Can I withdraw or drop a course?
Should circumstances in your life change and you need to withdraw from a course, simply call 888.844.5300 or visit AU Access at auaccess2.auburn.edu and select “Add or Drop Classes” in the “Registration and Advising” section. Notifying the instructor or ceasing to accept class materials does not constitute official withdrawal. The Graduate School maintains important deadlines that must be carefully followed.

  • Withdrawals submitted prior to the seventh on-campus class day (for fall and spring) or third on-campus class day (for summer) are eligible for a full refund.
  • Withdrawals submitted between the seventh and 15th on-campus class day (for fall and spring) or third and fifth on-campus class day (for summer) are subject to a drop course penalty fee of $100 per course.
  • To avoid receiving a grade of WF (Withdrawal Failing), you must withdraw before mid-semester. Note: A grade of WF results in a semester GPA of 0.00.
  • To withdraw from all courses, please contact Student Services in the Engineering Graduate Online Program, 888.844.5300
  • Consult the official Auburn University Academic Calendar for more detailed information: auburn.edu/main/calendar

20. How do I take tests?
The Auburn Engineering Online office will approve a test proctor jointly with you. The proctor is generally an individual in the company or agency who is in a supervisory or human resources position, and cannot be a peer employee or someone you supervise. Responsibilities of proctors include receiving, administering and returning exams, and acting as a liaison between the local facility and the Auburn Engineering Online office.

21. How will I view my course assignments and other related material?
The Engineering Graduate Online Program uses a delivery system called Panopto. In conjunction with Canvas Catalog, this system allows you to view your courses and provides access to all materials associated with your course(s) each semester. Some examples of what will be available are: Course syllabi, notes from your instructors, class schedules, assigned readings, grading policies/guidelines/weights, test dates, announcements and other items relevant to your course(s). Canvas allows you to correspond with your classmates (both on-and off-campus) and your professor(s) using discussion forums and contains other capabilities to be determined and explained by your professor. Your professor will also advise if he/she prefers to be contacted through Canvas or Auburn University email. Prior to beginning class, you will be provided written instructions to introduce and guide you through both Panopto and Canvas. You will also be given access to video-based training for both systems. If you still require assistance after reviewing the instructions, please refer to the following question for guidance on experiencing technical difficulties.

22. What if I experience technical difficulties when trying to view my online course(s)?
Using only your Auburn University assigned email address, send a message to eolhelp@eng.auburn.edu. Your email message should include both a detailed description of the problem you have encountered and the applicable course code (example: INSY7086). This mailbox is monitored 24 hours a day, and provided the information you supplied is accurate, someone will respond as quickly as possible.

23. How do I contact my adviser, professor or peers?
Online students have immediate access to professors and classmates via email once they are registered. Students may wish to contact professors prior to beginning classes to establish the preferred means of communication. You are encouraged to use email since it is required in most classes.

24. How do I get my books?
Textbooks required for your courses may be ordered each semester by calling a local toll free number provided on the web site at aubookstore.com. There is also information regarding online book purchases at other local bookstores.

25. Will I have access to university resources?
Accessibility to all on-campus activities, library, etc., is available to you as an online student upon verification of ID. As an Auburn student, you are also eligible for athletic tickets (football, basketball, baseball, swimming, etc.) at student prices. Information is available by contacting the Ticket Office at 334.844.5800 or by visiting the Student Menu in AU Access (auaccess2.auburn.edu).

26. When must I complete a graduation check and submit my planner (plan of study) in DegreeWorks?
Both must be done no later than the term BEFORE you plan to graduate.

27. Can I earn a Ph.D. online?
With departmental approval, it is possible to complete a thesis-requiring master of science and doctoral degree through a combination of distance learning and on-campus activities. On-campus study is the foundation for research-based graduate degree programs. Unlike a non-thesis master’s degree (the typical degree program available via distance learning), graduate students enrolled in a degree program culminating in a thesis or dissertation must directly engage in research with the major professor, must have access to the research tools needed for the research activity, must be immersed in the culture if a graduate education, must engage in the professional activities of the discipline and must complete the research activity in a reasonable period of time. Graduation requires the major professor to certify compliance with these requirements. Please visit bulletin.auburn.edu/thegraduateschool/doctoraldegrees for more information.