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Chemical engineering chair recognized among journal’s top cited authors

By Cassie Montgomery

Published: Mar 25, 2021 3:37:00 PM

Mario Eden Mario Eden

Journal citations are an important measure of the impact of a researcher’s work in his or her field. Mario Eden, the Joe T. and Billie Carole McMillan Professor of chemical engineering, has recently been recognized as the author of one of the top 1% most cited articles by Industrial & Engineering Chemistry (I&EC) Research, a prominent chemical engineering journal. 

“I am very proud and honored that our work has been recognized in this way,” said Eden, chair of the Auburn University Department of Chemical Engineering. “Being included among the most cited authors in one of the top chemical engineering journals indicates that our contributions are valued by the scientific community.” 

In recognition of his top citation honor, Eden and his co-authors were invited to submit a new paper to the journal’s February virtual special issue. The I&EC Research virtual special issue showcases articles from more than 50 authors whose previous publications from 2015 to 2019 included an article ranking among the top 1% most cited as of January 2020. 

“For Dr. Eden to be asked to contribute to this special issue based on the fact that his previous paper was in the top 1% of all papers in the American Chemical Society journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research clearly illustrates the impact of his contributions,” said Christopher B. Roberts, dean of engineering. 

Eden’s top 1% most cited article is titled “Toward the Development and Deployment of Large-Scale Carbon Dioxide Capture and Conversion Processes,” and was coauthored by Zhihong Yuan, a former postdoctoral scholar in Eden’s research group and now assistant professor at Tsinghua University, and Rafiqul Gani, formerly professor of systems design at the Technical University of Denmark and now CEO at PSE for SPEED. The paper was also selected to be featured in the American Chemical Society Editors’ Choice publication. 

“This invited paper provides a review of the current state of the art in carbon dioxide capture and conversion along with a perspective/discussion of the latest process systems engineering (PSE) methods/tools that can support the design and deployment of new solutions to address shortcomings of current technologies,” Eden said. 

The new paper featured in the special issue for highly cited authors is titled “A Versatile Modeling Framework for Integrated Chemical Product Design,” coauthored by Eden; Dalian University’s Shiyang Chai, Lei Zhang and Jian Du; Anjan Tula, a former postdoctoral scholar in Eden’s research group and now assistant professor at Zhejiang University; and Gani. The paper describes the development of a unique computational modeling tool called ProCAPD for the formulation and solution of chemical product design problems. The paper describes the versatile framework and associated model library along with solution approaches suitable for a variety of product design problems.

Media Contact: Cassie Montgomery,, 334.844.3668

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