Three Auburn Engineering students receive scholarships from electronics society

Published: Mar 6, 2020 1:02 PM

By Brian Wesley

The IPC Education Foundation has awarded scholarships to three Auburn Engineering doctoral students who have demonstrated exceptional knowledge and experience within the electronics manufacturing industry.

Industrial and systems engineering doctoral students Mohamed El Amine Belhadi, Mohammed Abueed and Xin Wei will each receive $1,000 scholarships from the IPC.

El Amine Belhadi, president of the IPC Chapter at Auburn University, comes from Algeria as a Fulbright student. He is researching the reliability of electronics in harsh environments for automotive, space and military applications, and he aspires to launch a company that specializes in research and development services in electronics.

Abueed, vice president of Auburn’s IPC Chapter, is from Jordan and joined the doctoral program after receiving a full fellowship from the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. A research assistant at the Center for Advanced Vehicle and Extreme Environment Electronics, Abueed has also been working on electronics reliability for various applications.

Wei is a doctoral student hailing from China, investigating the mechanical properties of interested lead-free solder alloys in order to predict their working life. He plans to work as a reliability engineer following graduation.

“These three students are all highly deserving of this award,” said Sa’d Hamasha, assistant professor of industrial and systems engineering and faculty advisor of Auburn’s IPC Chapter. “These IPC awards are a testament to my students’ achievements and educational endeavors, and I am excited to see what they will accomplish next in the growing electronic manufacturing industry.”

The IPC Education Foundation awarded $23,000 in scholarships to 2019 IPC student members from 17 colleges across the country.

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Pictured from left: Mohammed Abueed, Sa'd Hamasha, Mohamed El Amine Belhadi and Xin Wei.

Pictured from left: Mohammed Abueed, Sa'd Hamasha, Mohamed El Amine Belhadi and Xin Wei.

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