Young alumna advocates for Auburn Engineering

Published: Apr 20, 2020 12:03 PM

By Lauren Winton

Jasmyne Brown, ’17 industrial and systems engineering, is an advocate for all things Auburn Engineering. As a student, she was a Cupola Engineering Ambassador, a member of the Academic Excellence Program and a mentee for 100+ Women Strong.

After graduation, her passion for the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering remained, and she has continued to be an active alumna. Her love for the college is a reason why she chose to join 100+ Women Strong.

“I’m excited to be a mentor,” Jasmyne said. “And of course, I’m always promoting Auburn Engineering to anyone I meet.”

Jasmyne is the management engineer at Emory Healthcare. She has always had a passion for the medical field, and started her education at Auburn as a pre-dental student. But after an internship in Texas she, “found out the dental field wasn’t for me.”

Instead, Jasmyne spent some time researching careers and landed on engineering.

“I took a career exploration class,” Jasmyne said. “Engineering was at the top of the list. I looked into industrial and systems engineering and realized it was a mix of business and engineering. I also knew that I could use my degree to go into the health care system. I love helping people, and industrial and systems engineering allows me to combine my passions.”

Upon graduation, she took a position in consulting. But she was more than happy to settle down in Atlanta to start her career at Emory.

“I knew when my husband and I got married in 2018, I wanted to get off the road. I looked into jobs and came across Emory Healthcare. I was the youngest management engineer hired at Emory at the time.”

Her husband, Devante Brown, is also an Auburn Engineering graduate, who holds a degree in mechanical engineering. The couple met through a mutual friend, but got to know each other through the Engineering Academic Excellence Program (AEP). 

“I had just transferred into the College of Engineering from the College of Science and Mathematics. Devante introduced me to AEP,” Jasmyne said. “The program was a really helpful resource. We had a study hour each week, and afterward a presenter that came and talked about what they were doing and the workforce. Sponsors would come and speak, and different individuals would present about how they were using their Auburn Engineering degree in the industry.”

Jasmyne was also an AEP scholar during her time in school. And, during graduation, she experienced a milestone moment.

“After I walked across the stage at graduation, I joined my sorority for the traditional hymn we sing. All of the graduates stand in the middle and the sisters sing around us in a circle. I was the only graduate, so it was just me in the middle, and during the song, Devante walked into the middle of the circle and proposed,” Jasmyne said.

With all of her memories of Auburn Engineering, Jasmyne plans to pass on her passion to others, through mentorship and a big “War Eagle!” to all she encounters.

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Jasmyne Brown

Jasmyne Brown

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