Within 10 years of graduation, you may join 100+ Women Strong for an annual gift of $500.

10+ years post graduation, you may join 100+ Women Strong for an annual gift of $1,000.

 Auburn Engineering boasts many successful female alumnae, from CEOs of companies to executives in industry to various entrepreneurs and innovators. These women represent the quality of Auburn engineers that we produce each year and they understand the importance of attracting and retaining women in the field. In addition to our outstanding alumni, you, and the many friends and spouses of Auburn Engineering alumni are a special group of people who are dedicated to the future of women in engineering.

The college’s 100+ Women Strong is made up of alumni and friends of the college who embrace our vision to provide resources and programming that will enable us to attract, support and retain female students in Auburn Engineering. 100+ Women Strong members recognize the importance of connecting with the next generation of female engineers – those who will bring innovation and discovery to bear on the quality of life for people throughout the world.

The initiatives of 100+ Women Strong are focused in three critical areas:

Recruiting - Auburn Engineering's recruiting events, annual open house (E-Day), engineering summer camps, high school networks with school counselors and teachers, as well as junior college workshops, are all designed to engage young women early as they make pivotal decisions about high school courses that prepare them for college.

While 100+ Women Strong and the  Society of Women Engineers both work to create opportunities and provide support for women in engineering, the 100+ Women Strong program is specifically designed for participation by our alumni and friends who are committed to empowering women to choose engineering as a course of study at Auburn. The financial support of these members is critical to the college's ability to recruit and retain women in engineering.

Retaining - Female students most often report leaving the engineering curriculum, not for academic reasons, but rather because they cannot envision themselves as engineers. One of the most important elements of our 100+ Women Strong program is the opportunity for members to mentor female engineering students. These mentoring relationships enable students to learn from the personal experiences of successful female professionals who have gone before them. The relationships that have resulted from the mentoring component of 100+ Women Strong have already proven to be an important and meaningful experience for those students who seek a mentor. The college's Freshmen Women's Welcome event, Leadership Development Conference, the activities of the student chapter of the Society of Women Engineers, and various professional development and career workshops are used to encourage women to stay in engineering and understand their professional options. For more information about our mentoring program, please click here.

Rewarding - One of the main ways in which the college rewards outstanding achievement in female students is through scholarships. Scholarship funding is used to recruit top students and to reward students whose extracurricular activities promote women in engineering. 100+ Women Strong also provides leadership and diversity, study abroad, research and faculty research awards.

  The goals of 100+ Women Strong are:

  • Increase the number of females enrolled in engineering at Auburn
  • Improve the retention rate of female engineering students at Auburn
  • Promote engineering as a career choice to young girls, their teachers, and parents
  • Promote participation of alumni in engineering education and outreach initiatives
  • Acquire 100 or more women who will make a five-year pledge of $1,000 annually to support these initiatives

For more information on 100+ Women Strong, email 100womenstrong@auburn.edu

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